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Unisys scores IT provider deal for 2014 World Cup

Goal! Unisys through to the IT provider final.

IT software and services firm Unisys has been selected to provide mission-critical infrastructure solutions for the Brazilian cities that will host the 2014 World Cup.

Unisys Brazil, and other partners in the Brazil Seguro Consortium, secured the lucrative contract from the oddly-named Extraordinary Security Department for Large-scale Events, a division of the Ministry for Justice.

The Consortium, which also includes Agora Telecom, Comtex, and Módulo, will receive 244 million Brazilian real (£61 million, AUS$115 million). It is not clear how much of this sum will go to Unisys itself.

Hard challenge

The money might be good, but the challenge will be greater. Unisys will need to cater to the IT needs of 12 cities in Brazil. It will provide infrastructure components to ensure the smooth running of data centres throughout the widely-watched football event.

13 command and control centres will be established, with an additional backup data centre in the federal capital of Brasília. These will be responsible for managing and monitoring public safety and security communications, including the police, military and fire brigade.

The 2014 World Cup kicks off on June 12.