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MI6 camera sold on eBay

eBay: the place for all your MI6 needs
eBay: the place for all your MI6 needs

It's amazing what you can find on eBay: fake toenails, signed Marillion CD cover, camera owned by the MI6.

eBay, the online marketplace, played unofficial 'spy secret' mule this week when someone sold a camera belonging to the MI6 on the website.

If that wasn't all, the camera was stuffed full of secret information about al Qaeda suspects, including fingerprints and pictures of rocket launchers and academic records.

Data loss

This loss of highly sensitive data is the latest in a long line of security breaches in the UK. And the price for such a veritable treasure trove of info? The camera itself was sold for just £17.

A spokesperson for the Hertfordshire Police, who is looking into how the camera got on to eBay – said about the data breach: "We can confirm we seized a camera after a member of the public reported it. Intelligence services are investigating."

Which is good news, unless it's the same folks who lost the camera in the first place.