Vari Performance Task Chair Review

The Vari Performance Task Chair is a high-performance chair at a reasonable price

Vari Performance Task Chair
(Image: © Future)

TechRadar Verdict

The Vari Performance Task Chair checks all of our boxes. It's great for the price, comfortable, firm where needed, breathable, and adjustable for different individuals.


  • +

    Breathable back and seat

  • +

    Comfortable for hours of use

  • +

    Four-direction adjustable armrests

  • +

    Great quality for the price


  • -

    Basic styling may not be for everyone

  • -

    Adjustment levers take a minute to get used to

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The Vari Performance Task Chair is a simple yet fantastic office chair that has impressed our team throughout testing. For a reasonable price, this chair is comfortable and simple and offers breathable support with its adjustable mesh seat back.

Vari Performance Task Chair

Vari Performance Task Chair Unboxing (Image credit: Future)

Unboxing and First Impressions

Our positive experience with this product started with the building process. Most office chairs are relatively easy to build, and this was no different, consisting of a 7-minute build for one person.


Seat Height: 18.5 - 22.5in / 47 - 57cm

Weight Limit: 275lb / 

Dimensions (W x D x H): 20.5 x 24 x 40.25 - 44.25in / 52 x 61 x 102 - 112.5cm

Unlike most chair builds, the wheels came attached to the base, cutting down on bulky packaging while also helping reduce our build time. However, the arms also came attached to the base, which in turn added more bulk to the box, albeit while saving considerable time in our build process. After pulling everything out of the box, the only steps we had to build were adding the pillar/lifting column to the base, using five bolts to attach the seatback to the base, and then putting the seat on the pillar/column. Simple and sweet.

Vari Performance Task Chair

Vari Performance Task Chair Unboxing (cont'd) (Image credit: Future)

Design and Build Quality

We love the simple design of this chair. There's nothing overtly flashy, nothing over the top, just a straightforward design that reflects this product being a performance chair. The seat has a cooling gel with memory foam that keeps us cool while sitting, even for long work hours. We also appreciate the mesh backing that is structured while comfortable while providing cooling support.

Vari Performance Task Chair

Vari Performance Task Chair mesh seat (Image credit: Future)

Last worth mentioning is the wheeled base, as the wheels are firm and stable. We have tested this chair on wood floors, rugs, and short carpets with zero problems, rolling nicely and have even swiveled within the base smoothly as well.

Vari Performance Task Chair

Vari Performance Task Chair breathable back (Image credit: Future)

In Use

While using this chair, we could sit for an entire day of work without discomfort.

We could adjust the base of the chair to fit even our taller team members, and adapt the armrests to the heights of our different team members, making it a comfortable fit for everyone. 

Some of our team members prefer standing desks, while others choose to sit all day. For those who choose to sit, the Performance Task Chair from Vari has proven to be a great option.

Vari Performance Task Chair

Vari Performance Task Chair leaning back (Image credit: Future)

The backrest has a tremendous amount of support for our lower backs. While sitting in this chair, we immediately feel our backs supported in the right places. 

Vari Performance Task Chair

Vari Performance Task Chair control arm (Image credit: Future)

The armrests, at first glance, looked to be quite firm. However, after testing, we can confirm that they are comfortable pads on the top, perfect for forearms or elbows, depending on how you sit and utilize these armrests. Each armrest is highly adjustable and able to move in any direction, including up and down, to make for the best experience for any size user at any size table.

Vari Performance Task Chair

Vari Performance Task Chair control arm (Image credit: Future)

Another element of this chair that we genuinely love is the overall aesthetic. We love the blacked-out features and matte finish. The chair's shape is beautiful to look at, and it also matches our general office setup.

Vari Performance Task Chair

Vari Performance Task Chair arm rests (Image credit: Future)

Final Verdict

The Vari Performance Task Chair is an all-around quality chair, especially for the money. The seat is comfortable for even long hours of working. We found the materials to be premium and perfect for our home and office setups.

Collin Probst
B2B Hardware Editor, TechRadar Pro

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