Flexispot OC14 Ergonomic Chair Pro

A quality chair for a quality price

Flexispot OC14 Ergonomic Chair Pro
(Image: © Flexispot)

TechRadar Verdict

The Flexispot OC14 Ergonomic Chair is a great option worth considering for any working-from-home space. While it favors a mid-tier price range, its features for the money make it worth considering for nearly any budget.


  • +

    Adjustable elements - height, tension, seat position, arm position, neck rest and more

  • +

    Neck rest included

  • +

    Breathable material

  • +

    Wheeled base


  • -

    No adjustable lumbar support

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The Flexispot OC14 is one of the best office chairs offered at a mid-tier price point, with a high overall “bang for your buck”. Its breathable materials, adjustable tension settings, and overall comfortable sitting experience make it well worth considering for your setup, regardless of your budget.


The entirety of the Flexispot OC14 Ergonomic Chair came in one box. Granted, it was a large box, which we could have probably climbed inside once the chair was removed, but still light enough to be carried.

Upon opening the box, we were greeted by a plethora of pieces, and a set of instructions that were very clear and easy to follow, with the step-by-step process helping us finish building in a matter of minutes. We were admittedly shocked, as at first glance there seemed to be more pieces than normal - but we quickly realized that was because Flexispot chose to send some levers and the neck rest fully disassembled, rather than on the main portion of the chair for transport.

Altogether, including opening the box and even throwing all the packing materials back into the box, we were able to complete this process in just under 10 minutes.

First Impressions

Once assembly was completed, you are left with a pretty good-looking chair. We are fans of matte black in our test office, so we wished the legs/base were black, however, the silver finish was not a bad look at all.

Flexispot OC14 Ergonomic Chair Pro

(Image credit: Future)

Lift: Gas [22.05”]

Tilt: 30 degrees

Armrest: Full 3D lifting

Material: High elasticity filament, PU soft plastic material

Height: 46.46 - 49.61 inches

Weight: 45.2 lbs

Package: 31.5 x 15.7 x 25.2 inch

During the first hour of sitting in, and adjusting the chair, the back felt far too loose, and to be entirely honest, we were not fans. It took adjusting the tension up quite a bit out of the box to dial into where now it is not a core workout to merely sit. Once we tightened the tension for leaning back, adjusted the seat to where we wanted and made our “final” adjustments on the neck rest and the armrests, we were genuinely happy with the result.

Design and Build Quality

The overall design is built off a simple frame and chassis but still looks professional and sophisticated. While simple designs can sometimes look cheap, in this case, the chair looks elegant and more expensive than it actually is. The quality of this chair feels like it will withstand some heavy use, and last a while, especially if used in a home office setting.

Flexispot OC14 Ergonomic Chair Pro

(Image credit: Future)

In Use

After several eight-hour working day sessions in this chair, as well as rotating using it while parked behind one of the best standing desks from Flexispot, we found the OC14 performed as we wanted. 

It was comfortable without putting us to sleep, and gave us good support, though sadly there are no adjustable lumbar settings, so when we took a break from standing and chose to sit, it offered a comfortable relief. When we chose to sit for the entire day, it did not feel uncomfortable, nor unevenly worn in any area, partly thanks to adjusting the reclining tension, and intentionally using the recline lock.

Flexispot OC14 Ergonomic Chair Pro

(Image credit: Future)

The ability to lock this chair into a backward-leaning position is a nice touch and one we found most useful when locking into a leaning-back position to play a game or watch some YouTube reviews.

Flexispot OC14 Ergonomic Chair Pro

(Image credit: Future)

The wheels roll nicely, and spin a full 360 degrees, allowing for maximum maneuverability, even over some carpets, and the frame feels solid, as even after nearly a month of daily use, there is no creaking, no squeaks, and no wear at all.

Flexispot OC14 Ergonomic Chair Pro

(Image credit: Future)

The backrest fits even those who are a bit taller. Our tallest member out of this office is 6’1”, and they were able to sit in this chair, adjust the height of the seat, and pop the neck rest up a little higher. All in all, this process takes less than a minute, and then they are off to work. Our shortest member out of this office is more like 5’10” or 5’11” and they can also do the same, making little to no adjustments between all heights, but still able to fine-tune when desired.

Final Verdict

For the modest price tag, this chair hits above its class. This chair's features are just enough to fine-tune for any user, while also keeping the price down.

For long days or short sessions, we found ourselves choosing this chair more and more. While there are absolutely more expensive and better chairs on the market, we are very pleased with the Flexispot OC14 Ergonomic Chair Pro as a whole.

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Should I Buy?

Buy it if

You want

> Customizable features without spending a fortune

> Comfortable, breathable back and seat

> Headrest

You have

> Short carpet, hard floor, or a chair mat

Don't buy it if

You want

> The best money can buy

> Dedicated, customizable lumbar support

You have

> Lower back problems (no focus on helping with this)

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