FlexiSpot E7 frame + Bamboo series standing desk

Could FlexiSpot's E7 standing desk be the perfect desk for WFH?

FlexiSpot E7
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FlexiSpot's E7 Standing Desk might just be the perfect option - ideal for home offices, flexible workspaces, and more.


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    Build quality

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    Overall functionality of desk

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    Motorized legs

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    Integrated wireless charger


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    Can't move the integrated wireless charger

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The FlexiSpot E7 Frame and bamboo top with wireless charging built-in is truly the sweet spot for most work-from-home spaces. The high-quality bamboo surface, powerful electronic legs, and built-in wireless charger all made us truly impressed with what we could do with what might be the best standing desk we've tried yet.


The unboxing for this desk was rather simple and the building process easy enough. This build of the E7 is lacking the plethora of accessories seen with its big brother, the FlexiSpot E8, meaning unboxing was just building the desk and adding some cable management.

The first of three boxes contained the desktop, where we opted for the humble, yet spacious, 55in version, with an integrated wireless charger – more on that later.

The second box of three contained the legs, which were similar to those seen on the E8, yet was labeled differently. Whatever the differences are, they are minimal at best.

The third and final box contained the casters and the cable management solution we chose to add to our order so that we could keep the desk clutter-free and tidy.

First Impressions

Right off the bat, it was clear to see the quality and intentionality behind this desk. The high-level bamboo build, with the forethought of adding an integrated wireless charger in the near-perfect location, shows FlexiSpot was thinking ahead.

Set up was rather easy thanks to the easy-to-understand directions, and to make things even easier, there were pre-drilled holes for the legs (and the control panel) in the bamboo desktop that made it very easy to align and screw in. This desk can easily lift 355lbs, giving us remarkable peace of mind knowing whatever we put on this desk, it can handle it.


Desktop: Curved 139.7x71.12cm (55x28in)

Wheels: 5.08cm (2in)

Height: 58cm - 123cm (22.8in - 48.4in)

Weight: 161kg (355lbs)

Design and Build Quality

This desk comes in a variety of desktop options, and we opted for the curved 55in x 28in bamboo top, with the Premium Keypad, the E7: T-Frame in black, casters, and the cable tray options. 

All of these elements felt like they were built to last, giving us no worries about longevity or damaging these elements accidentally. The body cutout is a nice touch, giving a more connected feel to any setup.

The Premium Keypad feels exactly that – premium. The four programmable heights, built-in USB-A port, and screen to show the height all make this keypad look great and operate extremely well.

Much like the  FlexiSpot E8, this desk also has an anti-collision system as a feature of the motorized legs. In summary, this allows for an added layer of safety when the desk is in motion (raising or lowering). If the desk senses a bump, an obstacle, resistance, or even assistance in the direction of movement, it will stop moving completely. While motorized desks that require pressing and holding a button to change height may not benefit from this feature, this desk has programmable buttons that are simply a tap away, so it comes in handy for sure.

FlexiSpot E7 Standing Desk

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We chose to keep this desk mostly accessory-free, adding only the essentials: the caster wheels and the cable management.–There is something about using this desk, in our experience, that just screams “minimalistic productivity”, but we looked to keep the cables on this desk minimal, with even the few we used tucked away and out of sight.

The caster wheels added 5cm (2in) to the desk height, simply screwing into the legs of the desk. Two of the four wheels had brakes (or locks) to keep from unwanted motion, while the other two were free moving. Even though we didn’t originally plan on moving this desk around when we placed our order, we found it useful to be able to roll around. 90% of the time, this desk stays put, but that 10% of the time when it moves – even just an inch – is so easy it’s not even a worry. 

FlexiSpot E8 Standing Desk

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In Use

We used the FlexiSpot E7 to test a lot of hardware, getting quite a bit of serious business work done, as well as using it as a flexible studio space for photos. All of this speaks to just how versatile this desk is. While other desks are simply that, the E8, thanks to its size and build quality, can be any kind of workspace you need it to be.

As a workspace, having the cable passthrough holes in the back two corners helped keep things tucked away and clean, as well as giving us a place to run cables if we wanted to push the desk right up to the wall.

FlexiSpot E7 Standing Desk

(Image credit: Future)

The built-in wireless charger was in an ideal location for our use, as .anytime someone is sitting at this desk, their phone is placed within reach. On other desks, we would have had to add a wireless charger of some kind, taking up desk space, and requiring more power - but with the E7, we simply make sure that when we place our phone down, that it goes on the symbol. Better yet, unlike a wireless charger, if we don’t want to use that part of the desk as a charger and we want to put something else there, or open a box, look at some documents, or put a table there, we can do so without having to move anything.

FlexiSpot E8 Standing Desk

(Image credit: Future)

The premium keypad has also been super easy to use, as not only is it clean to look at, but it also functions very well. 

When it comes to setting different heights, we utilized this desk for two main users, with some others filtering out for those main users, meaning the sit height is actually the same, and the stand is within an inch or two. This meant we were able to set one sit height, set the primary user’s stand height to the pre-labeled stand preset, and then set the secondary user’s stand height to the preset labeled “1”. For the fourth preset, we chose a universally usable “working” height, which is perfect for opening boxes, taking product photos, or assembling a new gadget.

Final Verdict

It’s been very difficult to find fault in this desk. It’s functional, it’s practical, and it’s large enough to get some serious desk setups going but not too large that a simple laptop feels swallowed up by a massive space. The standing features work wonderfully, the desk material is quality, and the legs are relatively quiet.

If you’re looking for a top-rated standing desk, this one is definitely worth your strong consideration.

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