Brother MFC-J4620DW review

An impressively well-featured and user-friendly MFP


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We liked

Everything about the MFC-J4620DW is simple. It's easy to install, easy to fit the ink cartridges, easy to connect to and easy to use. It's fast, reasonably quiet and ideal for offices where most prints are A4 but there's a need for the odd A3 print. Support for cloud services, mobile devices and memory cards is particularly useful.

We disliked

This isn't the device for you if you want to do a lot of full colour A3 printing or reproduce photographs perfectly. Think of it as a business inkjet that's capable of doing the occasional big colour print, and best suited to business documents with their graphs and charts. Slightly more expensive Brother devices use even higher capacity cartridges.

Final verdict

Brother has packed a lot of features into this device, and it has also managed to keep the price low. Ink prices aren't too frightening if you go for the high capacity cartridges, and like Brother's other inkjets it can perform at very high speeds if you're not too bothered about print quality, or produce high quality output if you're willing to be patient.

Carrie Marshall

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