Samsung SD590CS review

Beautiful production design, mediocre color and image quality

Samsung SD590CS review

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Samsung employs a joystick/d-pad menu that is truly amazing. I have used other monitors with the Menu, Select, Up, Down options and they are always confusing and maddening, whereas this choice simplifies the process.

The SD590CS does offer some cool features, such as Game Mode, but it isn't perfect. For example, the Samsung Magic Bright mode allows you to choose from four predefined modes: Custom, Standard, Cinema, and Dynamic Contrast. However, if you choose Cinema or Dynamic Contrast, you lose the ability to change Brightness, Contrast, and Sharpness. And trust me, you will want to adjust this monitor as soon as you plug it in.


Samsung's SD590CS screen is beautifully designed but the performance leaves a lot to be desired, especially at this price point. For starters, the resolution is only 1920 x 1080 and it was noticeable when I plugged in my MacBook Pro. The resolution on the 13-inch retina MacBooks are far better than the resolution of the SD590CS and it's apparent. This is unfortunate. When you purchase a monitor you're hoping it will enhance your devices' image quality, rather than downgrade it.

If you look at the SD590CS up close, you can see the pixel matrix. Even after calibrating the monitor it is difficult to get the image perfect. Also, the SD590CS only runs at 60mhz. I have monitors that run at 144mhz and they're noticeably faster. The contrast on this monitor is poor, so to get close to true black, you will have to play around with the settings. The sharpness, too, will need to be adjusted.

We liked

The minimalist design and easy-to-use navigation make the SD590C a pleasure to stare at and use. It features plenty of ports for people who like to connect to multiple devices. However, a DVI connection would have been preferable.

We disliked

Although this monitor isn't astronomically priced, it's unfortunate that it prices out so closely to same-sized 4K monitors. If I have to choose between screen curvature and higher resolution, I'll go with a higher resolution model every time.

Fina verdict

The Samsung SD590CS is a beautifully designed 27-inch curved monitor that is easy to setup and use. Unfortunately the specs don't match up with the price point. It is by no means a terrible monitor, but if you're a CAD, a designer, a gamer, or someone who needs high quality images, then you're better off going with a 4K resolution screen.