Iiyama E2710HDS review

Is bigger better for this 27" Full HD screen?

Iiyama E2710HDS
How about a nice, bright 27-incher to dominate the desk?

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Iiyama e2710hds

The 27-inch Iiyama E2710HDS isn't just big; it's also bloody bright. Thank the powerful backlight for that. It may only be a conventional CCFL unit rather than a fashionable LED lamp, but it endows this monitor with impressive 400cd/m2 chops and extremely clean and powerful whites.

The E2710HDS comes through the Lagom test suite rather well, too. Okay, there's a bit of visible banding and pixel fizz in the gradient test, but by the standards of a TN panel, there's relatively little compression in the white saturation and black level tests. Likewise, the viewing angles are good for a TN panel.

As you might expect from the 2ms rating, another strong point is pixel response. Indeed, combined with the powerful backlight and 27-inch diagonal, the result is an unquestionably awesome gaming screen. It's no slouch when it comes to movies, either.

Admittedly, there is a little backlight bleed at the edges. But black levels and contrast are otherwise quite good. Similarly, this panel does not suffer from as much viewing-angle related colour inversion as some TN screens. Consequently, there's lots of depth, clarity and detail in movies.

As for colour saturation and vibrancy, the E2710HDS is also a slight cut above the TN norm. It's not going to scare a good VA panel for vividness, but it doesn't scream TN as soon as you turn it on.

That said, it's worth remembering that a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 stretched over the 27-inch diagonal makes for fairly beefy pixels. It would also be nice to have an adjustable stand rather than a tilt-only base.

We liked

So much panel. So little money. While we often moan about the sheer ubiquity of TN technology in PC monitors, the upside is that you can now buy a large, Full HD monitor for a relatively small sum. Even better, the Iiyama E2710HDS is bright, fairly vibrant and very responsive. Impressive stuff for less than £250.

We disliked

This panel is so cheap for its size, any complaints seem churlish. Still, with a standard HD resolution, the extra size doesn't buy you any pixels. Strictly speaking, superior visuals can also be had elsewhere, most notably from BenQ's startlingly affordable 24-inch EW2420 and its talented VA panel.

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