Asus PB287Q review

An affordable, powerful 4K monitor

Asus PB287q review

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We liked

If you’re buying a 4K monitor for viewing pleasure the Asus PB287Q stands toe-to-toe with any 4K monitor I’ve tested. Because 4K hasn’t really taken off in terms of content, you don’t want to spend a boatload of money to watch standard definition content. This unit comes at a great value.

We disliked

It isn’t the sexiest monitor in the world. It’s difficult to navigate and inserting plugs is a headache. But worst of all: if the sun cascades along the side of your monitor you might lose some of the image.


The Asus PB287Q is a high-quality machine that will change the way you view photo and video. Your images will have more depth and realism than you’ve ever seen them have. Details will stand out in your photos’ backgrounds that you’ve never seen before, and the splendid textures and colors will make you want to run your fingers across the screen the way you would a painting’s brushstrokes. There are some obvious design flaws that will irk you, but image quality will definitely not be one of them.