Lenovo Yoga 700 (14-inch) review

This small notebook is hard to put down

Lenovo Yoga 700
Lenovo Yoga 700

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Frankly, the Yoga 700's price point can be an issue, since you can get a faster device for the same or less money. However, its portability and versatility make the Yoga 700 a worthwhile purchase.

We liked

Small, light and versatile with a colorful, bright, screen, the Lenovo Yoga 700 is ideal for when you have to quickly pick up and go between writing emails and documents and spending the afternoon being entertained with a tablet. Not only does this system pack the power to handle most basic productivity tasks, but the versatility to bring the fun with Lenovo's Yoga usage modes.

We disliked

The Yoga 700's screen produces some glare, and the indicator light is too far out of view. But the bigger issue is with the disappointing battery life, which falls short compared to similar systems, especially given its hardware and screen size. Its price tag is also a little on the high side, considering how you can pick up a notebook with a bigger screen or more power for about the same price.

Final verdict

You can find similarly or better powered systems for the same price or less than the Yoga 700, some with the same ability to convert into a tablet. Although you lose a bit of screen real estate with a 14-inch screen compared to a 15-inch notebook, its smaller size and lighter weight are some of the system's marquee features. You can carry the Yoga 700 around without feeling burdened, or put it down somewhere without it taking up too much space.

The 256GB SSD might be fast, but limits what you can run locally, as does mid-performing hardware, like the 2.3GHz Intel Core i5 chip. Still, the Yoga 700 fits my everyday needs almost perfectly, both professionally and for light entertainment. While its battery ends up falling a little short, this is a laptop with awesome versatility, and is worth picking up should it go on sale.