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Call on Namely to get your staff onboard and keep them engaged

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Namely comes armed with lots of cool features but the ease of use and appeal to both admins and employees makes it a HRIS solution worthy of investigation.


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    Comprehensive features

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    Ease of use

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    Appealing to staff


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    Running costs

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Namely is a cloud-based human resources information system (HRIS), one that allows businesses of all sizes to engage with staff and tackle admin chores easily. Using the Namely platform it’s possible for business owners to streamline workflow as it combines several tasks into one seamless process. The core functionality is based around the fundamentals of HR, with a focus on engaging with company employees more effectively.

Similarly, Namely aims to simplify payroll services and offer easier workplace compliance. If you’re a small to midsize business then it could make a lot of sense to start using Namely, although there are plenty of other options vying for your attention, with the keenly priced BambooHR being a prime example. Nevertheless, Namely is one of the better options when it comes to engaging more effectively with your employees, which is always a good thing.


Namely comes with a quick and simple interface for tasks such as onboarding (Image credit: Namely)


When it comes to costing out Namely then pricing seems to be quite elusive. The cloud-based solution does come with a lot of features and functions, and there’s the ability to contact them for a demo. 

From that it’s possible to see just how useful Namely might be for your business, but a personalized quote for costs seems to be the only way to gauge just how much the system will cost to implement. There is also scant information relating to support costs, which over time can add up. As always, the best advice here is to contact the team for a demo and take it from there.


Namely can also make light work of time management tasks too (Image credit: Namely)


Being able to amalgamate lots of different business administration tasks and roll them into one platform makes a lot of sense. And Namely allows you to do just that, with a raft of capabilities on offer. Key features include a single system of record, employee engagement tools, easy onboarding, talent management, an HR compliant database and benefits administration options. 

On top of that there are tools for time and attendance monitoring, recruitment and managed benefits. Rounding it all out are options for running payroll and associated tasks along with the provision for producing detailed analytics. Namely has also found favour among many business owners thanks to its ability to be integrated with the other software packages in your system.


The payroll aspect of Namely joins together nicely with the HR side of things (Image credit: Namely)


Alongside providing a dependable cloud-based software service on its own dedicated platform Namely is also hugely appealing due to its capacity for working with other systems. Indeed, it’s possible to integrate Namely with a large number of software packages from other companies, including big names such as Oracle NetSuite, Adobe, Replicon, Equifax and many more besides. 

There’s also the option to get in touch with Namely and become one of their technology partners if you’re coming from a business that might work well in tandem with the HRIS provider.


The interface is also great for monitoring performance of employees (Image credit: Namely)

Ease of use

There are loads of tools within Namely that make the software that much more appealing for employees to log in and use. In fact, usability is one of the best aspects of this cloud-based software solution. A good example can be found under the People menu where Namely allows employees to enter details about important life events that might affect the way their employment works. This can include the likes of the birth of a child or getting married. 

The process is made much more simple but it’s still effective; certainly more so than old processes that were way more clunky. The same goes for all of the other areas of Namely, with both employee and admin areas boasting a really impressive ease of use. There’s a Namely app too, which adds further appeal to staff who might prefer to dip into the system remotely.


The supporting app lets employees access their records remotely too (Image credit: Namely)


Namely comes complete with a range of support options if you’ve adopted the HRIS platform. Which one you use depends on your position in the company and what you need to achieve, although support comes divvied up to provide help for administrators on the one hand and employees on the other. 


Rounding things out are the analytics tools that offer powerful insights into staffing matters (Image credit: Namely)

Contact can be made from within the application or via the Namely website, with options to converse via chat tools, raise a ticket and there’s email for good measure too. You can also go via the website if you’re merely keen to find out more about the potential of Namely and organize a demonstration from the team.

Final verdict

Namely seems like a great HRIS solution but it’s quite a lot more than that too, offering users a People Operations Platform that can do a little bit of everything. It’s been well engineered and very nicely designed. The user interface in particular makes for a hugely enjoyable experience no matter if you’re an employer or employee. 

Indeed, the ease with which staff members can log in and do their thing means it’s very appealing to employees who would normally do anything they can to avoid an encounter with the HRIS aspect of your company. If anything, Namely might do more than you ask of it, especially if you’re a smaller company with less people to worry about. Bigger businesses though will love the power and flexibility offered by Namely, even though running costs are likely to be fairly sizeable too. 

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