MindManager mind mapping software review

The best way to mind-map

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TechRadar Verdict

MindManager is a wonderful tool that helps you and your team manage projects and streamline ideas. It has the highest level of mind-mapping customizability of any software and is sure to make it a great addition to your business or organization.


  • +

    Advanced formatting options

  • +

    Free 30-day trial with no restricted access

  • +

    Syncs with hundreds of apps and programs


  • -

    No importing from PowerPoint or Excel

  • -

    Price point is high for some users

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MindManager is a mind mapping software for Windows and Mac. With it, you can create flowcharts, organizational charts, and even manage your workforce. In this review, we’ll discuss MindManager’s main features and the pros and cons associated with the platform. You’ll quickly see why we consider this one of the most advanced and user-friendly mind-mapping tools on the market today.


MindManager is a popular brainstorming and organizational tool and is well-recognized for its feature density. This software particularly stands out for its mind mapping toolkit and selection of add-on options. One of the great things about MindManager is the extent to which you can visually customize any charts you use it to create.

As mapping is MindManager’s foremost feature, its capabilities in this area are impressive. Maps can be connected to each other and exported to Word or similar software. You can create Gantt charts, add indexes, schedules, and even display your charts and maps in a presentation mode.

For project management planning and business start-up, MindManager has development, risk management, and training templates. You can also sync your MindManager business data with other productivity platforms such as Outlook and Slack. The big benefit here is that MindManager will track your team’s progress in real-time, and notify you if things are off-track or if any information is missing.


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Another cool MindManager feature is something called “Smart Rules”. Essentially, this is a kind of advanced conditional formatting that allows you to create intelligent charts that adapt to the data they’re displaying. With MindManager, you can create specific triggers and add them to a library so you don’t have to spend ages setting everything up again when you start a new project. 

MindManager is available online and in a tablet-format as well as on desktop computers. When using MindManager as a team, individuals can drop links to detailed notes, references, and URLs in the same project. The MindManager system also features app-integration with Zapier, Microsoft Sharepoint, and most Office suite products, so you can always get access to your vital MindManager data.

Interface and In Use

Upon opening the software, you’ll see that MindManager looks a lot like a Microsoft product. This is not by accident. MindManager’s interface was designed to make those who are already comfortable with the Office Suite feel at home. In addition to some very familiar tabs like, “Insert” or “View”, you’ll see buttons that change depending on what you’re working on such as the “Task” project management tab.


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In the MindManager program, you can click on the question mark in the upper left-hand corner to be directed to FAQs, quick tips, and keyboard shortcuts. If you’re in need of more hands-on help, you can fill out a ticket, send an online chat message, or contact one of MindManager’s many international offices by phone or email.

Plans and Pricing

MindManager comes in two packages, one for Mac and another for Windows. Both of these streams receive frequent updates so users always get access to the latest features. However, when a significant enough upgrade is released, anyone with an older version of MindManager has to pay to get access to it.

If you want to download MindManager to see if its right for you without splashing out, you can start a 30-day free trial instead. All you need to do is head over to the MindManager website, select your desired product and click “Download Trial”. You will be asked for your information and then sent a download link via email.

The Windows version of MindManager is released on a perpetual license and comes with all the core features MindManager is known for like interactive concept maps, Gantt charts, and Venn diagrams, all in 8 different languages. The latest update now allows you to sync with hundreds of business applications and includes more sharing capabilities. MindManager for Windows costs $422.29, but MindManager 2018 and 2019 users can upgrade for $216.59.

The Mac MindManager software is similar to the Windows product but lacks some Microsoft suite syncing capabilities, which is why it is a bit less expensive. It can be used in English, German and French. The newest version of Mac MindManager has added extra templates, visual editing capabilities, and a few tools. To buy it outright costs $240.79, and the latest upgrade costs $119.79.

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The Competition

The most direct competitor to MindManager is MindView. Both have very similar user-interfaces, capabilities, and price-points. MindManager’s organizational charts are slightly more advanced and it has several more diagrams and map templates that you won’t find on MindView. 

Though the feature sets are similar, MindManager is cheaper for a single user on a Mac (at $240.79 rather than $347) and is slightly more expensive on Windows at $422.29 compared to $379. MindManager is the obvious choice if you need Outlook syncing or superb project management tools.

Final Verdict

Whether you’re a business manager looking to organize a team or an academic needing to visualize your ideas, MindManager is a fantastic program without bloatware and with all the features you could ask for from a diagram and mind-mapping tool. For businesses, contacting MindManager to discuss adding its Enterprise version to your tech stack could be one of the best things you do for your company.