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Mindomo is an ideal tool for developing ideas, brainstorming with others, and tracking progress as you take it from concept to implementation. It helps you simply visualize your complex thoughts and share them with others. It’s an excellent tool for individuals, professional workers, and educators.


  • +

    Has many features

  • +

    Allows easy collaboration

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    Native desktop and mobile apps


  • -

    The free version is limited

  • -

    Lacks integration with third-party tools

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Expert Software Application (Exswap), a Swiss software company, launched Mindomo in 2006 as a mind-mapping tool based on the (now discontinued) Adobe Flash platform. It released a web app in 2007 and a native desktop app in 2008.

In 2010, Exswap added real-time collaboration to Mindomo, which has become the software’s most defining feature. In 2012, the company released native Mindomo mobile apps for iOS and Android. 

Mindomo is very popular with educators. Over 1,000 schools worldwide use it to help teachers effectively interact and collaborate with students. 

We tested Mindomo extensively to give you an exhaustive, unbiased review. Our review is based on specific criteria, including pricing, features, compatibility, customer support, ease of use, etc.. 

Work and Personal Pricing

There are three paid plans as well as a free one (Image credit: Exswap)

Plans and pricing

Mindomo is freemium software, having both “free” and “premium” versions. The free version has significantly limited features, meaning you have to pay for the premium version to make the best of the app. 

Mindomo’s premium version has two categories; “Work & Personal” and “Education.” Each category has distinct pricing tiers.

Work & Personal has three tiers; “Premium,” “Professional,” and “Team.” Premium costs $5.5 per month for a single user; Professional costs $13.5 per month for a single user; and Team starts at $16.5 per month for a minimum of three users. 

Education Pricing

Mindomo offers steep discounts for teachers and educators (Image credit: Exswap)

Education also has three tiers; “Basic,” “Teacher,” and “Classroom & School.” Basic costs $3 per month for a single user; Teacher costs $4.5 per month per user; and Classroom & School starts at $9 per month for 2 teachers + 80 students. 

You can customize the Classroom & School tier for as many teachers and students as you wish. Mindomo gives significant discounts the higher the number of teachers & students you select. 

Mindomo provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for every purchase. 


Mindomo provides you with a number of templates to help get you started (Image credit: Exswap)


Mindomo’s core feature is building and presenting mind maps. Mind maps are diagrams that visually organize information. It's hierarchical and shows relationships between pieces of information. It's a practical technique of visualizing your thoughts and ideas and sharing them with others.  

Mindomo provides built-in templates to create various mind maps and convert them into presentations. You can stylize these mind maps to make them as visually appealing as possible. The app lets you build mind maps solo or with your colleagues within a school or workplace.

To make your mind maps as detailed as possible. Mindomo lets you add many objects, including;

Hyperlinks & Attachments

You can add hyperlink resources to link specific parts of your mind maps to external URLs. You can also attach files on the mind map by uploading them from your computer. 


You can create notes to add more detailed text bodies to the topics in your mind maps. 


Mindomo lets you include videos in your mind maps. You can upload videos from your PC or embed directly from YouTube and Vimeo.

Web Images

You can search for photos directly from the web and insert them into your mind maps. 

Import/Export Files

Mindomo lets you import files from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive accounts and convert them into mind maps. 


Mindomo allows you to export mind maps and your other creations in a wide variety of file formats (Image credit: Exswap)

Import/Export Mind Maps

You can import mind maps you created with other tools into Mindomo. Likewise, you can export mind maps you create on Mindomo into similar platforms like MindManager, SimpleMind, and iThoughts. 

Presenter Mode

This feature lets you turn any mind map into a slide-by-slide presentation. 

Map Search

Mind maps are complex, often cluttered blocks of information. Mindomo lets you easily search through a mind map to find any information you want. The app also enables you to organize your mind maps into folders to declutter them and make information easily accessible. 

Offline Editing

When using the web-based interface, you can continue editing your mind maps even if you’re disconnected from the net, and your changes will automatically sync once the connection restores.  

Bulk Download

You can download all your mind maps in one single ZIP file.


Mindomo is available on a wide variety of platforms so you can use it across devices (Image credit: Exswap)

Native Apps

Mindomo has native apps for desktop and mobile. These apps let you create and edit mind maps offline with ease. 

Interface and In Use

We found it pretty easy to use Mindomo. The first step is to subscribe through the official website, either for the free or premium version. If you choose the premium version, you must pay before use. You have to provide basic data like your name and email for a subscription. After subscribing, Mindomo sends an activation link to the email you provided. Click on this link, and you’re good to go. 


A simple and clean user interface makes Mindomo easy to use (Image credit: Exswap)

Mindomo has an easy-to-use, uncluttered interface, a significant advantage over competitors.  


Mindomo's Help Center has a number of useful guides on how to use its mind map software to its full potential (Image credit: Exswap)


Mindomo provides customer support through email , live chat, or telephone. There are also video tutorials and a customer support forum available in English, French, Spanish, and Italian. 

The competition

Common alternatives to Mindomo include Freemind, XMind, and SimpleMind. They offer similar features and are comparably priced.

Final verdict

Mindomo is an ideal tool for visualizing your thoughts and ideas in the form of mind maps and sharing them with others. It’s valuable to individuals and professionals, mainly educators interacting with students. 

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