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M-Files Inc review
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All things considered, M-Files clearly deserves its reputation as an industry-leading document management software provider. With advanced features, great security, and an excellent user interface, there’s little not to like.


  • +

    User-friendly features

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    Free 30 day trial

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    Efficient file search and categorization.

  • +

    Mobile app compatibility

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    Essential productivity tools like OCR technology

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    Offline file access


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    No pricing available

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M-Files is one of the best document management platforms and is known for its user-friendly features. It allows easy drag-and-drop upload and quick dashboard functions. Users can effortlessly search and categorize files using metatags and document text. It offers essential tools like OCR, e-signing,offline access, along with workflow automation to enhance efficiency and reduce errors. 

The standout feature is its document organization system using metadata for keywords, tags, categories, making document management effortless. Apps available for iOS and Android enable on-the-go document management. M-Files prioritizes security with privacy and data protection tools, ensuring the safety of information and compliance with regulations. 

M-Files: Plans and pricing

Unfortunately, M-Files doesn’t provide any information about its plans, prices, or purchase options. Although this isn’t unusual in the world of document management software, it would still be nice if an indication of the cost were provided. 

However, we can only assume that M-Files does this because it specializes in custom document management solutions tailored to an individual business’s needs. Because of this, the price you pay will likely depend on the level of service and features you require, as well as the scale of your requirements. 

Fortunately, there is both a free trial and an in-depth demo available to help you decide whether this program brings what you need to the table. To download the 30-day trial, simply fill in the online form. For a demo, however, you will have to reach out to the M-Files team and arrange an appointment.

M-Files: Features

With its user-friendly features and intuitive interface, M-Files stands out as one of the best document management software for companies seeking ease of use and seamless functionality.

Gone are the days of complex uploading processes. With M-Files, you can simply drag and drop your documents into the system, saving you time and effort. Most of the software's functions can be accomplished with just a few clicks on the dashboard, streamlining your workflow and eliminating unnecessary steps.

M-Files' document organization system uses metadata to categorize your content by keywords, tags, categories, and more, ensuring easy access and efficient management of documents of all types. This means you can effortlessly locate the documents you need, even in a vast repository. No more digging through folders or wasting time on manual searches. 

For the busy professional on the go, M-Files offers a mobile app compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Whether you're attending a meeting or traveling, you can manage your documents anytime, anywhere, and stay productive even when you're away from your desk.

M-Files offers a range of essential tools designed to enhance your productivity. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software makes your documents fully searchable by scanning and extracting text, taking searchability to a whole new level. Additionally, M-Files' workflow automation features streamline processes, increasing efficiency and improving collaboration within your team. 

M-Files also allows you to designate files for offline use on your laptop or mobile device. Any changes you make offline will be automatically synced with the system once you regain internet connectivity.

M-Files: Interface and in use

To get started with M-Files, you will need to download the program and log in to your account. Follow the instructions provided by the onboarding team at the time of purchase and configure your account as required. 

M-Files is available via both desktop and mobile devices. The desktop application is very tidy, with a clear document hierarchy, useful search panels, and various tools to help you manage your content. There is also a great filter system to help you find and manage specific groups of documents. 

The mobile app is available across both iOS and Android devices. Simply log in to your vault with your server address, username, and password and manage your documents on the go. Although the apps aren’t quite as powerful as the desktop version, they are still very useful.

M-Files: Security and privacy

M-Files provides robust measures to safeguard information. The software incorporates comprehensive privacy and data protection tools to ensure confidentiality. It also works towards compliance with regulatory and legal requirements specific to your industry. 

M-Files: Support

Depending on your plan, you can reach out to their team via phone, email, or web chat. While phone assistance may not be available for M-Files Base clients, you can still submit tickets through their portal. M-Files also offers 24/7 phone support for M-Business users, a perk that sets them apart from the competition. 

Additionally, M-Files provides a range of online resources, including webinars, video guides, news, and forums.

M-Files: Competitors

Microsoft SharePoint offers several advantages, including robust access management, easy customization options, and versatile functionalities for various purposes. Its user interface is user-friendly, and it seamlessly integrates with non-Microsoft tools. However, while SharePoint is highly customizable, the customization process can be complex and challenging for some users.

Another attractive option is DocuWare, which provides SMBs with a user-friendly document management solution. Its features, such as drag-and-drop functionality, automation, and smart search, streamline workflows and enhance efficiency. It offers dedicated applications for Windows users and browser access for Mac and Linux users, with mobile apps for iOS and Android for convenient file access.

M-Files: Final verdict

All things considered, M-Files is one of the best document management platforms we’ve used. It’s backed by a wide range of advanced features and powerful security integrations.

It's an excellent tool with user-friendly features, including easy uploading, powerful search capabilities, innovative document organization, mobile app support, robust security measures, OCR technology, workflow automation, and flexible access control, which make it an attractive choice for businesses of all sizes.

And although the lack of transparency surrounding the company’s price structures is a little frustrating, there’s little else to fault. Ultimately, we’d recommend having a chat with the M-Files team if you’re looking for an advanced document management solution you can rely on.

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