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Customer relationships should come first

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If you want to find a better way to communicate with customers, FluentCRM has automations to make each interaction easier.


  • +

    Automation features

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    Great interface

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    Keeps data organized


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    No free version

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    Plans are pricey

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FluentCRM is a customer relationship management app that helps you build stronger relationships with your customers all on your own. You can send emails that are set on a schedule, so you won’t always have to be there for it to send.  

One great aspect of FluentCRM is how organized everything is. If you want to import past contacts (keep track of them all, add new ones, or update your customer database), you can easily bring everything into one place. Because of the automation features, FluentCRM will add new contacts to the list automatically, which takes all that extra time out of the equation for you.  


Here's a snapshot of plans and prices  (Image credit: FluentCRM)

Plans and prices 

FluentCRM makes pricing simple: there are three plans to choose from, and all plans come with unlimited email campaigns, unlimited contacts, marketing automation (saves you time), and email list management. We’ll share more information on what is included in all three plans. 

The Single Site License plan costs $129 per year. This plan includes one domain license, a year-long plug-in update, and all the features listed above. It also has EDD integrations, campaign email scheduling, and a block email editor (so you can edit sections or blocks of email templates). This plan is great for anyone who’s just starting a CRM system and wants something that’s easy to use. 

The 5 Site License plan costs $249 per year. Instead of only being able to access one domain you’ll have access to five. Everything else is similar to the Single Site License plan. Some of the features it includes are user activity monitoring (so you can know what works and what doesn’t), a WooCommerce integration (making it easy to connect with other platforms), and the ability to import contacts. If you want the flexibility to work across multiple domains, then this plan is likely a better fit for you. 

The 50 Site License plan works just like it promises: 50 domains for $499 (paid annually). Same with the previous plans, this one comes with all the key features, including a contact HTML editor, campaign insights, link metrics, and a Webhook integration. All features included will help you improve CRM across multiple websites. This plan is definitely for anyone who needs to access multiple domains. 

The great part about FluentCRM is how you can implement the features over WordPress without having any trouble. FluentCRM promises the plug-in will negatively impact the operation of your website. This is why it’s good to invest in a CRM system that’s high quality. You can rest knowing your website is still running smoothly. 


There's tons of integrations (Image credit: FluentCRM)


The website interface is clean, professional, and well-organized. You can easily find your way around to look at plans, pricing, and the best features. Something that stood out on the interface is the list of long app integrations which all work with FluentCRM. Even if you’re using a whole list of other work-related software, FluentCRM is able to pair with that and make your experience better (this helps to create shortcuts when you use other programs). 

An organized interface makes it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for, which means you’ll spend less time on the website trying to figure everything out on your own. FluentCRM is a good tool for beginners because it’s easy to use. 


The automation features really help save time (Image credit: FluentCRM)


FluentCRM comes with a variety of features, including email campaign management, 360 degree contact viewing (we will explain shortly), and contact segmentation. 

In other words, if you’re looking for a software that allows you to reach more people through email campaigns, there’s plenty of space to build and schedule professional emails with ease. The 360 degree contact viewing feature allows you to keep track of more specific details about your customers so you can know what works and what doesn’t. For example, if you want updated purchase history information or you’re curious when the majority of customers open your emails, FluentCRM can provide that data so you can create a more effective marketing strategy. 


The interface makes FluentCRM stand out (Image credit: FluentCRM)


FluentCRM has an organized interface that makes it stand out compared to other CRM softwares. If you want to look at plans and choose the one that’s best for you, it’s very easy to do so. Another bonus is the automation feature. You can easily create a contact list that holds all of your business contacts (plus you can import them). Once you set up the automation feature, FluentCRM will automatically keep adding contacts as you come across more customers. This feature will save you the time you’d spend to add everyone yourself, plus, you won’t need to worry about missing anyone. There’s lots of CRM softwares available (like Freshworks and Insightly CRM), however, not all of them are organized.  

Final thoughts 

FluentCRM is a great way to manage customer relationships without doing every small detail on your own. You can send emails and tailor them exactly to your business needs without writing out several separately. The automation feature also allows you to send automated, scheduled emails. Overall, this is a good CRM software, especially if you’re looking for something with a clean interface.  

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