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EaseUS Todo Backup
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Todo Backup is an effective platform that ensures you have frequent backups and never lose data permanently due to malware or system errors.


  • +

    Scheduled, automated backups

  • +

    Free tier available

  • +

    Email notifications


  • -

    Clunky user interface

  • -

    Constant popups

  • -

    Limited customer support

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EaseUS Todo Backup  is the product of EaseUS, a software company headquartered in China. It was founded in 2004 by an entrepreneur named Ji'en Liu. The company serves millions of customers worldwide, with many software products including data backup, video editing, location tracking, text editing, and file transfer.

EaseUS launched Todo Backup in 2009 to help users backup files and recover them at any time. This backup software has grown to amass tens of thousands of users globally. 

EaseUS Todo Backup: Plans and pricing

There’s a free version of Todo Backup anyone can use, but with major storage limitations. Hence, you’ll need a paid plan to make the best of the platform. 

There are two paid plans of Todo Backup; Home and Business, with the former meant for individual use and the latter for enterprise use. For the Home version, you can buy an annual license for $39.95 or a perpetual license for $59.95 for each computer you want to back up. Likewise, you can pay $79.95 to guarantee a lifetime of free upgrades for each computer. 

The Business tier has a more flexible pricing plan. You can pay $49 for an annual license for each workstation, $199 for a Server license, or $299 for an Advanced Server license. The price decreases the more years you pay in one go.

Business users can purchase a package to guarantee technical support for a year ($999), 2 years ($1399), or a lifetime ($2499), which is steep. They can also pay extra fees to get access to a centralized backup management system.

You can take advantage of the 30-day free trial period to test Todo Backup before making your final purchase decision. Even at that, you can request a full refund for up to 30 days following your purchase if you’re not satisfied with it. 

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EaseUS Todo Backup: Features

With Todo, you can back up individual files from your device so that you can retrieve them at any time. You can upload these files to personal storage devices or cloud storage provided by EaseUS. You may also upload them to external cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

If you don’t want to back up specific files, you may backup the entire system, including program files. Hence, if there’s any data loss, you can always restore the backup and have your system working exactly as it did before. 

You may backup workstations (desktops or PCs) or physical and virtual servers. The downside is that Todo only works for servers running the Windows Server operating system. It can't work if you're running alternatives like Linux, Unix, and FreeBSD. Likewise, the backup platform only works for PCs running the Windows or macOS operating systems. You can’t use it if your PC is powered by Linux or other less popular desktop operating systems. 

Todo lets you secure backup files with passwords to prevent unauthorized access. This way, even if someone gains access to your account, they can't get to your backup files and leak them without knowing the specific passwords. 

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During every backup process, Todo will send email notifications to inform you of the state of the backup mission. You can choose to receive such notifications when the backup is successful or if it fails in transit. 

Managing backups can be hectic. To make it easier, Todo lets you schedule backups ahead of time and make them happen regardless of if you’re present or not. With this feature, you can be sure of having frequent backups without having to manually do them yourself. It’s a critical feature for business users, where IT staff responsible for backups may go on vacation or be unavailable for many other reasons.

One good thing about Todo is that it lets you perform a “hot backup,” that is running a backup simultaneously while using your PC even if the data you want to backup is being read or edited. The platform also uses compression techniques to decrease the size of files as much as possible and save storage space (and costs) for users. 

Another critical feature we must mention is that Todo lets you create bootable disks. A bootable disk refers to a removable storage medium from which your computer can load and run an operating system. It's a lifesaver if your computer can't boot from its internal hard drive, or when that internal hard drive needs to be removed for repairs.

When it’s time to restore data that you have backed up, Todo lets you do that at the click of a button. However, when researching for this review, we noticed a pattern of custom complaints of the restore process being slower than expected and the platform not always notifying users through email when a backup fails.

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EaseUS Todo Backup: Interface and use

One of the drawbacks of using Todo is that its user interface is quite clunky and confusing to new users. But, it’s a major improvement compared to how it was before EaseUS released a major update in 2022.  

EaseUS Todo Backup: Support

EaseUS offers direct customer support through email and live chat. The official website also has detailed user guides and documentation to help you navigate through Todo Backup. However, many users complain of the support being inadequate due to slow response times and language barriers.      

EaseUS Todo Backup: The competition

There’s no dearth of alternatives to a platform like Todo Backup. One noteworthy competitor is Acronis Cyber Protect, which provides backup tools and endpoint security in one bundle (for a similar price), giving it an advantage over Todo, which offers only data backup/recovery.       

EaseUS Todo Backup: Final verdict

Data backup is necessary for both individuals and businesses, as no one is immune to data loss either caused by hackers or due to computer errors. Todo Backup allows you to back up files without much manual input and for a reasonable price. However, we think the platform’s user interface and customer support could use a lot more improvements.  

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