Deluge torrent client review

It’s not the best-known torrent client, but Deluge pours on the plugins

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TechRadar Verdict

While Deluge is a free and open source torrent client offering a host of useful plugins, the lack of any updates in recent times is a definite downside.


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    Very simple to use

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    Excellent collection of plugins

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    Cross-platform compatibility


  • -

    Potential minor UI issues

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    No updates of late

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Deluge is a free torrent client that has gained immense popularity among torrent fans recently. One of the most potent BitTorrent clients which is open source and provides cross-platform functionality, it offers great performance, security, and does well in terms of features too.


Deluge offers a stable version of its client for Windows, Linux and macOS.

Deluge version 2.0 is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 10. It has not been updated in a long time, though; not since May 2017, in fact. The same is true of macOS which runs with version 2.0 as well.

For Linux, version 2.0.3 is available for popular distros such as Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Arch and Gentoo.

Since the client is not getting active development support, it is obviously a rather forlorn hope that an official mobile app is in the works.


While Deluge is not quite as well-known as some of its key competitors like uTorrent, Vuze or qBittorrent, it does pack in a whole lot of features, an impressively minimalist design, and fast performance.

One of its biggest strengths is that Deluge can be customized to a great extent with the help of different plugins. These can be either official or third-party plugins, and include ones specifically designed for browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. The availability of these add-ons is one of the reasons that Deluge is a great choice for more serious torrent users.


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Another strength is that Deluge is entirely free and open source, as well as ad-free. It is licensed under GPL, and thus the code can be checked by anyone, which helps to make the software more secure.

Speaking of security, Deluge provides users with an enhanced encryption option. It employs reliable encryption techniques such as Message Stream Encryption and Protocol Encryption. This goes a long way in promoting privacy and security. Since ISPs can track users visiting torrent sites and throttle their internet speeds these days, such added privacy settings are helpful.

Deluge also offers enhanced prioritization and selective downloading. It can even handle IPv6 and proxy servers for an enhanced torrenting experience.

A command line interface further provides an excellent option for users who are not happy with the standard graphical interface, or the alternative web UI. The command line further delivers the ability to connect remotely.


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User experience

At first sight, Deluge may look plain and slightly outdated when compared to other BitTorrent clients like Vuze. However, once you begin using it, Deluge makes a case for itself with a simple interface and wide-ranging features.

The sheer number of plugins this client supports makes it extremely easy for a user to get the maximum out of Deluge. It uses libtorrent for backend support, and provides access to multiple user interfaces.

As a BitTorrent client, Deluge offers a good number of options for getting support, such as email and FAQs in case you have any queries. The official website lists a wide range of installation and usage instructions for all platforms.

The community also has a useful moderated forum to help out, rounding off the support nicely.


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The software has a cleanly laid out interface, offering easy access to the most used options. Even first time users will be able to quickly find their way around, and get the software to perform any required tasks.

As mentioned, Deluge provides multiple options for the user interface: there is a graphical UI, web interface, and command line.


Since Deluge is an open source client, that transparency promotes good levels of security. Anybody who has an understanding of coding can help ensure the application does not come with any malware-related dangers. Checking the Deluge installer on VirusTotal showed that it was clean, unsurprisingly.

However, to ensure that you remain safe from any potential issues, it is always advisable to use one of the best VPNs while downloading content via torrents.


While torrents allow users to download their favorite content off the internet, and these clients make the process easier, remember that there is, of course, copyrighted material online, and downloading that is breaking the law. Of course, TechRadar does not support or endorse piracy or illegal downloads.

Final verdict

Its impressive plugin support is what makes Deluge one of the most interesting BitTorrent clients out there. Almost the entire breadth of functionality offered by the client application can be customized based on user preference.

Additionally, the Deluge client is extremely lightweight, unobtrusive and easy on system resources. However, the lack of development of this software is one of its biggest drawbacks.

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