Tixati torrent client review

Impressively fully featured torrent client

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Tixati is a free torrent client which is also advert-free, and it's easy enough to use on a basic level, while offering a lot to expert torrent users.


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    Completely ad-free

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    Offers a raft of features

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    Individual event logging for all peers

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    Lightweight client and fast performance


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    Interface takes some acclimatization

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Tixati is one of the popular torrent clients to embrace a minimalist design, and it is quite light on system resources as well, which is another plus point here.

Tixati is entirely free, and also advert-free, yet it still boasts several advanced features that should help with getting the best possible download speeds. It is available to download on all popular operating systems, excluding macOS.

Windows 10 is supported, plus Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP, with users able to install the 32-bit or 64-bit versions directly from the website. Tixati also supports most Linux distros like Fedora, RHEL, Ubuntu, Mint, Mandriva, and more.

The client has been getting regular monthly updates, and the latest version of Tixati (2.73) was released in April 2020. Tixati is not available on any mobile platforms currently.


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Tixati lets users manage downloads by allowing them to limit the bandwidth used and even filter the IP addresses. The client offers the ability to schedule tasks and subscribe to the RSS feeds of your favorite websites.


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Tixati's user interface may appear to be a little outdated in terms of design. However, Tixati offers tooltips and pop-ups, and the setup process is a breeze.

If you’re switching from any other torrent client, Tixati may feel slightly different initially because its layout is rather distinct. While most torrent clients come with a left-aligned menu, Tixati has all the tabs aligned along the top. Further note that Tixati offers an option to tweak the interface slightly based on your preferences.

The sheer number of customization options that Tixati offers makes it one of the favored clients among pro users. It provides access to a complete set of low-level details regarding swarms, and that is one of the reasons that makes it stand apart from the competition.

The Tixati client provides access to a comprehensive help and support section. This helps users in addressing any issues they may face with the torrent client. There are plenty of troubleshooting tips, help guides, and additional useful hints that can aid in minimizing any downtime.

Additionally, the highly active community forum can help address almost any issue the users may be facing. The community is quite lively and provides real-time support and quick solutions.


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Tixati is a closed source platform. While that means it lacks the transparency of open source torrent clients, which can have their code examined by anyone, there’s no particular need to worry about the security of Tixati, at least not going by VirusTotal, which registered zero threats after scanning the installer file (at the time of writing).

Note that Tixati offers increased security for users via support for forced RC4 encryption and a SOCKS5 proxy, and it is always advisable to hide your IP address, which is otherwise broadly visible. We have an exhaustive guide to the best VPN for torrenting and torrents.


While torrents allow users to download their favorite content off the internet, and torrent clients make the process easier, remember that there is, of course, copyrighted material online, and downloading that is breaking the law. Of course, TechRadar does not support or endorse piracy or illegal downloads.


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Final verdict 

While Tixati has a rather different layout and look for its interface, the overall performance of this client is very satisfactory. The high degree of customization available, ad-free interface, and regular updates are a few major plus points that make Tixati a must-try torrent client.

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