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Maximizing your practice’s full potential

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TechRadar Verdict

CareCloud expertly brings together the administrative and financial aspects of running a practice, but leaves us wanting for better support options.


  • +

    Upfront pricing

  • +

    Free demo

  • +

    Automated billing rules

  • +

    Claims tracking


  • -

    Single support option, with limited hours

  • -

    High cost

  • -

    Support representative is not primary contact for technical issues

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CareCloud (opens in new tab) focuses on cloud based practice management, serving doctors in fifty different specialties across the US. It started back in 2009, with a headquarters in Miami, Florida, and over 240 employees. Earlier this year, CareCloud underwent an acquisition by MTBC.


CareCloud offers their medical practice management solution, designed from the ground up to provide automation from routine activities, which frees up the office manager to do more important things at the practice. While it does provide a medical billing solution, along with enhancing the efficiency of the workflow, it also provides real time analytics to provide information on the productivity of the practice as a business.

It starts with a comprehensive scheduling module, that has a simple to use online drag-and-drop interface for patient scheduling of appointments. Incorporated is a multi-view calendar, that is designed to handle the complexities of a modern practice’s workflow in a way that a venerable Day Runner could only dream of, such as insurance verification, automated patient reminders, confirmation of appointments across multiple practice locations, and streamlined check in and out of patients- all to enhance front office staff efficiency. The views are powerful, and flexible, making it simple to see a provider’s appointments- for today, the future, or for prior dates- by the day, week or month. Insurance eligibility can be checked prior to the scheduled appointment, including the details of deductibles, copays and coinsurance, to ensure cash flow to the practice remains steady.

A significant issue at any practice is the denial of claims, which then delays payments, and takes precious time for staff to resubmit. CareCloud incorporates in their CollectiveIQ (opens in new tab) module, a comprehensive set of advanced, automated billing rules, that ensures submitted claims are ‘Clean claims,’ making them far more likely to not get rejected. Even when claims do inevitably get rejected, CareCloud has your practice covered with collections, so the practice can get paid for its work. In the Collections app, each rejected claim gets listed for the reason of denial, and even claims that were submitted and no action was taken by the payer get listed here as a reminder to followup. By listing denied claims by payer, age, and reason, trends emerge into actionable intelligence to minimize further issues, such as seeing an insurance company that takes an excessive amount to pay, and a decision can be made by the practice to no longer participate when the contract expires.

The Financial workflow app also makes things simpler for the office staff. Claims can be submitted without needing to re enter all the information, as the patient’s demographic information is used to auto-populate fields. In addition, there is the ability to lookup codes by both diagnosis and CPT.


In terms of medical practice management, CareCloud does cover plenty of needs. One deficit is it lacks the ability to handle inventory management. The medical scheduling function is missing scheduling for on call providers, and has issues with setting up of recurring appointments, such as for an annual physical.

User reviews list some issues, although they seem to be more scattered than with some other competing solutions. That being said, one user complained that it takes too long to get a response from technical support, and another had an issue that while they had a Support Representative assigned to the account, they were not first in line, and the primary support line was not able to resolve their issue.


Support for CareCloud is listed on their website via a single option, a toll free number for phone support. In addition, the further limit is that the hours of operation limit it to weekdays, and furthermore between the hours of 8 am, and 9 pm, EST. It is stated elsewhere that the tech support is US based.

Unfortunately, there is no listed option for an email exchange, an online portal or chat, which can be useful as options when communication is preferred to be less time based.


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CareCloud lists their starting prices for their packages. Their plan for Central Practice Management, that they dub “Central (opens in new tab),” is stated to start at $349 (£272) for each provider monthly. For this money, this Central plan offers an entire comprehensive solution, that integrates together administration, finance and analysis into a single platform.

A number of features are included, such as appointment reminders, eligibility verifications, performance dashboards, and automated nightly claims submission. It also includes the mobile app, known as the CareCloud Companion for ease of use while on the move, and an online user community. Some features are optional for an additional charge, and these are integrated payments, full lockbox services, and the 180 million plus billing rules.

For the sake of completeness, there are other packages available with different pricing. These are CareCloud’s EHR solution, “Charts (opens in new tab)” at $279 (£219) per provider per month, their Revenue Cycle Management, “Concierge (opens in new tab)” that starts at a cost of 3% of collections, and Patient Experience Management "Breeze (opens in new tab)" for $199 (£156) per provider each month.

There is no mention of discounts for larger practices, but contact would be required to price out such a situation with options anyway.

Final verdict

For a medical practice management service, CareCloud ticks many of the right boxes, with robust scheduling, automated claims scrubbing, and upfront pricing. The higher price, lack of support hours and options, and user issues in reaching their support representative are some areas to be aware of. In summary, CareCloud overall is worthy of a close look, and the free demo is worth investigating how this can serve your practice’s needs.

Jonas P. DeMuro is a freelance reviewer covering wireless networking hardware.