Zoom wants to make sure your contact center experience is as painless as possible

Zoom Contact Center Quality Management in the Workforce Engagement Management suite
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Zoom has rolled out a nifty feature update for call center customers in an effort to boost engagement and customer satisfaction, and surprise surprise, AI makes an appearance.

With the launch of its Workforce Engagement Management suite, the company hopes to eliminate the need for businesses to have to source different bits of software elsewhere, instead providing it all under one roof.

Kentis Gopalla, who heads up the new suite at Zoom, said: “The contact center is at the heart of every customer experience, and the Workforce Engagement Management suite ensures that Zoom customers have everything they need to deliver excellence to their customers.”

Zoom Workforce Engagement Management

The suite comprises specifically two separate tools: Workforce Management and Quality Management. The latter uses artificial intelligence to help analyze customer interactions, which Zoom says can help to improve agent performance.

The tool can scan conversations with AI-powered speech analytics to help make sure call center staff are asking the right questions, all while keeping on top of agent KPIs, thus reducing supervisor workload.

Workforce Management is a tool that’s geared more toward the business and its operations, helping to ensure that a contact center is staffed with the right number of agents to meet demand requirements.

It uses AI to forecast this using historical data up to four weeks in advance, which then allows it to generate recurring schedules from the Zoom app.

Quite how Zoom’s Contact Center tools stack up to other call center software remains to be seen, but the company’s commitment to AI should reassure customers who are looking for the most efficient workflow that this might be the solution for them.

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