Workers are drowning in notifications from multiple collaboration platforms

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New research from RingCentral has revealed that increasing notifications from video conferencing and online collaboration platforms not only distract workers at their desks, but are now having a negative impact on work-life balance.

One in three (31%) of workers state that notifications outside of working hours have increased in the past year. A further one-third (33%) feel pressured to respond within one hour, and 14% feel they must respond immediately.

The report highlights that 32% of 21-34-year-olds are unable to fully focus on spending time with loved ones as a result of increased work notifications, which could end up taking the joy out of the festive season for many.

Work notifications are on the up

At least one in five UK workers now experience annoyance, anxiety, or stress when they receive a notification from work, with many toggling between six or more apps in a typical working week.

RingCentral even suggests that many workers prefer to sit in a traffic jam rather than navigate different communication apps, with notifications raising similar levels of anxiety as spiders, bugs, and going to the dentist.

Clocking off from work has become less prevalent in the modern workplace, with nearly two-thirds (63%) of workers bringing work home with them by checking notifications outside of working hours.

In many countries, including Belgium, France, and Portugal, it has taken ‘right to disconnect’ laws and policies to enable workers to switch off after the 9-5, and RingCentral reckons the UK could be next in a bid to prevent workers from experience fatigue and anxiety.

Overall, the study highlights the need for a more mindful approach to work-life balance in the UK. Irrespective of legal action and protection, businesses should take steps to reduce the number of out-of-hours notifications they send to employees.

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