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Already one of the best VPN services on the market, Proton VPN has just launched a new business VPN to ensure security keeps being a priority in an ever-changing working landscape.

Proton VPN for Business comes as a response to an increased demand from enterprises already trusting the provider with their sensitive data. A series of dedicated business plans aim then to provide the level of security, flexibility and customization that all-sized organizations need.

Looking to secure remote or hybrid work models in a couple of clicks? Keep reading as we flesh out all the details you need to know to get you started. 

Why to use Proton VPN for Business

"Proton VPN's focus on transparency and security, backed by our open source philosophy, has made Proton VPN one of the world's most popular and trusted VPN services and in recent years, businesses looking for a VPN have increasingly taken note," said Andy Yen, Proton's Founder and CEO. 

"As a result, even without a dedicated business offering, we have onboarded thousands of business users in the past couple years, so making the offering official today is a natural next step forward for Proton."

Enterprises represent a big chunk of today's Proton subscribers, over 50,000 counting for more than 10% of the provider's annual turnover. However, as cyber threats evolve and businesses increasingly become the target of nation-state hackers and other cyber-attacks, Proton knows it has to offer more security to these ever-changing working environments.

That's where Private Gateways come in, for example. A highly customizable feature, each private gateway can be accessed only by specifically authorized members and groups within a named organization. This helps employers to limit risk and segment access at ease, all vital aspects to build a zero-trust security infrastructure.

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Businesses can, in fact, limit the resources different employees can access by configuring these gateways accordingly. This ensures that only the people needed to carry on a specific task have access. Put it simply, it minimizes the impact of an intrusion by reducing the potential footprint of attackers.

Private Gateways and new administrative tools to manage teams with thousands of users and devices are combined to all the security features included with its consumer VPN offering.

Among these, it's worth mentioning its open-source apps across all the major operating systems, built-in NetShield technology to block malware and web trackers, and some anti-censorship tools like its Stealth protocol and Alternative routing technology.

Proton VPN for Businesses include three plans to match all the needs of different sized organizations:

  • Proton VPN Essentials. This plan offers all the essential network monitoring features to manage and grant safe access to the internet from anywhere. Prices start at $8.99 for the monthly subscription, the equivalent of $6.99 a month for 1-year protection and $5.99 for the 2-year plan.
  • Proton VPN Businesses. This includes virtual private gateway and dedicated servers with fixed IP addresses to give more control on employers to segment internal access according to employees' roles. The best deal here is the 2-year plan, billed as the equivalent of $8.99 a month with an added $35.99 monthly fee for each server.
  • Proton VPN Enterprise. It includes all the above with an even more fully customizable experience to suit the needs of bigger organizations. Pricing here is upon demand, to be discussed with the provider case by case. 

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