Sage unveils AI copilot for SMBs as it looks to boost productivity for all

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Sage has announced the launch of Sage Copilot, its own generative AI-powered productivity assistant designed to help SMBs manage HR, payroll and other accounting processes.

The company has positioned its AI Copilot as a trusted team member for CFOs, accountants and other HR leaders, capable of handling boring and repetitive administrative tasks while offering insightful recommendations.

The GenAI tools is also poised to offer companies improvements to operational efficiency by freeing up workers to spend more time on tasks that deliver greater returns.

Sage reveals AI Copilot for SMB accounting

Sage Copilot’s capabilities extend to forecasting, cash flow management and invoice generation. Unsurprisingly for anyone with even the slightest bit of AI experience, users can interact with the tool with natural language prompts.

As well as accuracy, security and strong support, Sage promises compliance with data protection regulations and robust encryption measures to keep user data safe.

Sage CEO, Steve Hare, said: “It's not just an AI feature; it's a commitment to building a future where businesses can focus on their goals, supported by AI they can trust from Sage."

Hare continued to highlight some key benefits: “Sage Copilot will provide users with proactive options to improve cash flow; these include suggestions to accelerate customer payments, enhance working capital and support smarter financial decisions.”

Despite being a Sage tool first and foremost, Sage Copilot promises to integrate with other apps such as Microsoft Office, adding an extra layer of financial context.

Sage Copilot is set to be available in the UK later in 2024 as part of the Sage for Small Business and Sage for Accountants suites, with exclusive early access opportunities for registered Sage customers who sign up on the company’s website.

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