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Revver offers intuitive automation and workflow tools for streamlined document management. With seamless Microsoft 365 integration and a high storage capacity of 20 TB, it surpasses competitors in functionality and storage capabilities.


  • +

    Plenty storage space available

  • +

    User-friendly and intuitive no-code workflow builder.

  • +

    Well-executed integrations, particularly with Microsoft 365.


  • -

    Lack of a free trial

  • -

    Mobile app needs a revamp for functionality

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Revver offers one of the best document management platforms, offering intuitive automation and workflow tools. Whether you need to tackle simple file tasks or coordinate complex interactions across multiple company locations, Revver has got your back. 

Revver also offers custom templates and zonal OCR, taking automation to a whole new level for creating and organizing essential documents. If you're a business owner looking to improve your document management, this article is your ticket to understanding why Revver might be suitable for you.

Revver: Plans and pricing

There are no listed prices on the Revver website, so you will need to fill out a form or schedule a call to get a quote, depending on your business needs. The form asks for basic information on your business, such as website URL, work Email, phone number, departments and  total number of employees. 

Revver: Features

Revver, formerly known as eFileCabinet's Rubex, offers cloud-based storage capabilities reaching an impressive 20TB, Revver provides businesses with a secure and reliable platform to store, track, and manage their confidential files all in one place. No more worries about losing or sharing files on less secure platforms or running out of space.

What sets Revver apart is its flexibility, offering multiple packages that allow business owners to choose the level of service that suits their specific needs. Integration capabilities are included across all plans, enhancing the platform's usability and making it seamlessly integrate with existing tools. And let's not forget about Revver's desktop application, which has undergone a complete overhaul. It is now more action- and use-case-oriented than ever before, with features like to-do lists and quick-access drawers on the home screen, making it easier than ever to find what you need.

One of Revver's key features is its robust search functionality. With the search feature conveniently located at the top of the dashboard and in the "All Features" tab, document identification and retrieval have never been more accurate and faster. You can search across the entire document base or focus on specific cabinets and drawers, ensuring you find exactly what you're looking for in no time.

Revver utilizes zonal optical character recognition (OCR) to scan and import files, making them fully searchable, and goes beyond by automating document organization through metadata fields by extracting keywords.

Confidentiality and security are top priorities for Revver. Users can confidently store, encrypt, and share files as large as 1GB with co-workers or clients while maintaining complete control over access and permissions. 

Revver also shines when it comes to integration. It seamlessly integrates with popular business tools such as Microsoft 365 and Docusign, further enhancing collaboration and productivity. And let's not forget about its workflow automation capabilities. Revver is capable of automating manual and repetitive document processes, such as document routing, approval requests, folder creation, and data extraction. Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks and hello to increased efficiency.

Revver in use

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Revver: Setup

Setting up the Revver desktop app is possible in just a few minutes. Just log in to your Revver account and find the download icon for the installer. Once the download is finished, run the installation file and follow the setup wizard by clicking "Next." You can easily customize the installation directory or stick with the default settings. Confirm the installation, and the app will open automatically. Simply log in using your existing credentials. For added functionality, install add-ons through the Settings page by clicking the gear icon and selecting "Install" next to Printer and Scanner. The installation is seamless, and you'll notice the button change to "Uninstall" when it's complete. 

Revver: Ease of use

Revver's automation and workflow tools are very intuitive, allowing you to easily create custom workflows and automate tasks within the platform. From completing daily reports to storing them with employee signatures, Revver handles it all based on the rules you set. The no-code automation tools make document management a breeze, while the seamless integration with Microsoft 365 sets it apart. With a maximum storage capacity of 20 TB, Revver offers ample space for your files. Its clean and uncluttered user interface enhances usability, providing easy access to major tools and additional features. 

Revver: Security

Revver offers robust encryption, access control, and permission settings to ensure the confidentiality of files. With features like secure file sharing and 20TB of storage capacity, Revver provides a secure and reliable platform for businesses to store and manage their confidential documents.

Revver: Support

Revver offers 24/7 assistance through live chat, email, and a VIP phone line for those with a Premium Support Package. Even without the add-on, their customer service team is available during weekdays. Revver also provides a comprehensive online help center with over 60 articles, step-by-step video tutorials, and webinars. Revver also offers contact via "Open Office Hours" on Zoom, where customers can directly engage with the vendor's customer success managers and support staff.

Revver: Competitors

Lumin, starting at $6.58/month with a free plan and trial, offers an engaging interface and comprehensive document management features. Lumin differs in some specific features and capabilities. 

DocuSign, starting at $10/month with a free trial, focuses on advanced electronic signatures and workflow automation, with extensive integrations. 

Revver: Final verdict

In conclusion, Revver offers robust storage capabilities, flexible packages, intuitive interface, powerful search functionality, strong security measures, seamless integration, and workflow automation capabilities, While the mobile app needs redesigning, and  free trial isn’t offered, it is very user friendly and intuitive.

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