Proton Drive launches Microsoft Word competitor

Proton Docs for Proton Drive
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Privacy-focused productivity software maker Proton has introduced its own rival to Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

The new Docs app brings the usual and expected array of functionalities, from creation and editing to collaboration with colleagues, offering users another tool for their workplace.

Proton’s launch of its own online word processing app follows its April 2024 acquisition of secure note-taking app Secure Notes, and forms the latest major update to its end-to-end encrypted cloud storage service, Proton Drive

Proton Docs launch

End-to-end encryption (E2EE) means that Proton cannot access user content, which differentiates it from key rivals like Google.

In the blog post announcing Docs, Anant Vijay, Senior Product Manager for Proton Mail and Proton Drive, noted how existing tools put users at risk of mass data collection, data breaches, weak privacy laws and third-party access, adding, “Data that you think is private may even be used to train AI in the future.”

Despite the tight encryption, Proton still supports the usual collaboration features, such as real-time changes and commenting.

The cross-platform compatibility also means that users can upload .docx documents to the encrypted drive as well as export in major formats like .docx, .txt, .md and HTML.

In line with Proton’s freemium model, Docs in Proton Drive is accessible for free with up to 5GB of storage, with additional storage as well as other apps, such as a VPN tool, available through paid tiers.

A Proton spokesperson confirmed in an email to TechRadar Pro: "For now, we're focused on the Docs experience in Proton Drive, but ultimately, everything that Google has is on our roadmap."

When asked about the availability of Docs, the spokesperson added: "Docs is accessible on all platforms, which then open in the browser. We will be bringing more seamless experiences to other platforms in the future, including platform specific features."

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