Mobile Industry Awards 2023: Aerial Direct wins Best Mobile Service & Solution Provider

MIA 2023 mobile provider
(Image credit: Future)

Aerial Direct has won Best Mobile Service & Solution category at the Mobile Industry Awards 2023.

This category combined unified comms dealers, mobile dealers, and managed services to recognise the leaders in these fields and reward the company that can provide the best services and solutions to businesses that cater for their specific needs.

Our 2023 finalists were:

  • Aerial Direct
  • Bullitt Satellite Connect
  • Focus Group
  • Lifecycle Software
  • Salt Communications
  • Uplands Mobiles Ltd

Our entrants were asked to submit entries based on the following criteria:

  • Showcase outstanding customer service
  • Highlight business and technical innovation and outline your portfolio of services and solutions
  • Demonstrate strong financial performance, ideally through your most recent financial results
  • Provide evidence of adaptability to changing market conditions or client requirements and demonstrate any efforts to diversify your service portfolio accordingly
  • Demonstrate how you have developed new business opportunities
  • Elaborate how your workplace culture and workforce helps you achieve success

Why Aerial Direct won

Aerial Direct was praised by our judges for its high customer satisfaction and retention scores, as well as strong financials and overall customer service - congratulations to Aerial Direct and all our 2023 finalists!