Notion introduces a new tool for website publishing

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Workplace collaboration and productivity app, Notion, has just introduced a new website builder to its platform.

The new tool, called Notion Sites, was introduced last Tuesday. With it, users will be able to build a page either from scratch, or using one of the many newly launched templates. Publishing the page online only takes a single click, and users get to customize it, or connect to a personalized domain, as they see fit. 

Furthermore, with custom SEO settings and Google Analytics integration, Notion users will be able to track the usage of their site directly from the platform. 

“This new offering is now fully integrated into the Notion platform and enables web publishing for users – comprising prosumers, ‘solo-preneurs’, start-ups and small businesses” Notion said in an email to TechRadar Pro.

In other words, Notion-built websites will now look and feel as if they were built with traditional website builders. 

Publishing content

“What we’re launching on Tuesday is a set of features that turn a Notion page—which was probably about 80% to 90% of what I think we would all consider a website—to literally 100% of a website,” Matt Piccolella, product lead at Notion, told Fast Company.

With Notion Sites, companies and regular consumers will be able to publish content online without the need for a fully-fledged content management system, freeing up their engineers’ and webmasters’ valuable time for other tasks. Truth be told, Notion doesn’t allow HTML and JavaScript editing, so a separate platform might still be needed in certain scenarios. 

However, with the use of other Notion features, generative AI, and the ability to integrate PDFs, interactive maps, and other content, creating an entire website experience becomes easier and more seamless.

“Many of the things that make up a website are the exact things that Notion’s core editor allows you to do” Piccolella told the publication.

Notion Sites are available for users of all levels of Notion plans, but some customization options will only be available to paid plan users.

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