Most IT workers are still super suspicious of AI

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A new study on IT professionals has revealed that feelings towards AI tools are more negative than they are positive.

Research from SolarWinds found less than half (44%) of IT professionals have a positive view of artificial intelligence, with even more (48%) calling for more stringent compliance and governance requirements.

Moreover, a quarter of the participants believe that AI could pose a threat to society itself, outside of the workplace.

IT workers aren’t happy about AI

Despite increasing adoption of the technology, figures from this study suggest that fewer than three in 10 (28%) IT professionals use AI in the workplace. The same number again are planning to adopt such tools in the near future, too.

SolarWinds Tech Evangelist Sascha Giese said: “With such hype around the trend, it might seem surprising that so many IT professionals currently have a negative view of AI tools.”

A separate study from Salesforce recently uncovered that only one in five (21%) companies have a clearly defined policy on AI. Nearly two in five (37%) failed to have any form of AI policy.

Giese added: “Many IT organisations require an internal AI literacy campaign, to educate on specific use cases, the differences between subsets of AI, and to channel the productivity benefits wrought by AI into innovation.”

SolarWinds doesn’t go into any detail about the threat felt by IT professionals, however other studies have suggested that workers fear about their job security with the rise of tools designed to boost productivity and increase outcomes.

Giese concluded: “Properly regulated AI deployments will benefit employees, customers, and the broader workforce.”

Looking ahead, SolarWinds calls for more transparency over AI concerns and a more collaborative approach and open discussion at all levels of an organization.

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