Microsoft is taking its security protection to multicloud

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Microsoft Defender for Cloud has received a significant upgrade in an important step to protect its customers, even if they choose to do some cloud business with the company. 

Vasu Jakkal, Corporate VP for Security, Compliance, Identity, and Management for Microsoft, announced the addition of multicloud posture management capabilities for Google Cloud Platform as companies take less loyal approaches to cloud.

Jakkal cites a 48% year-on-year increase in cloud-based cyberattacks, which goes hand in hand with a rise in multicloud adoption. Now, it is believed that 90% of organizations adopt a multicloud policy.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud extension

From August 15, the product will gain improvements to Microsoft Defender Cloud Security Posture Management portion so that its agentless scanning, data-aware security posture, cloud security graph, and attack path analysis capabilities will cover Google Cloud Platform, in addition to AWS and Azure.

Defender Cloud Security Posture Management will also be able to identify more than 100 sensitive data types across Google Cloud Platform to eliminate potential exposure risks.

The deeper integrations with Google Cloud, along with existing AWS functionalities, sees Microsoft’s Endpoint range take one step closer to fully supporting multicloud and hybrid environments.

At the same time, Jakkal released some information regarding other upcoming products. Malware Scanning in Microsoft Defender for Storage, which is set to be generally available from September 1, promises to detect and prevent malware entry and distribution via cloud storage accounts.

Hardware-backed device attestation for Samsung Galaxy devices, which also got a shoutout in the announcement, was made available just recently and sees Redmond build its “strategic partnership” with Samsung as the duo hopes to acquire more of the business smartphone market.

With cloud adoption at sky-high rates, and businesses looking to split their portfolio for any number of reasons including cost optimizations, having such a strong offering will only work in Microsoft’s favor.

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