Many SMBs want to improve hybrid working with tech in 2024

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New research from Slack focusing on improving productivity in the workplace has found that many businesses are continuing to struggle with hybrid work, indicating that a major tech overhaul may be needed to ensure future success.

The past three years have fundamentally changed the way many of us work, and one in three (34%) UK SMEs now recognize flexibility to embrace new ways of working as their biggest opportunity next year.

This is despite ongoing challenges such as tough economic conditions and skill shortages, which have increased the pressure on businesses globally.

Businesses will invest in technology next year

One-third (32%) say that they’re keen to implement new technologies after experiencing ineffective remote working setups this year.

Although more care and attention has had to have been given to budgets recently, 28% of businesses said that their financing stability and cashflow improved in 2023.

Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, more than one-quarter (26%) of UK SMB owners believe effective communication and collaboration within teams is vital, with many set to adopt new and more effective tools.

However, other research has revealed the effects of repetitive video conferencing on the human body, in effect birthing the term video conferencing fatigue. This topic was covered recently by a group of Austrian university researchers.

Overall, the survey’s participants indicated that internal communications (76%), teamwork (74%), and external communications (73%) are all equally as important, highlighting the need for versatile tools that can cover all bases effectively.

A further three in 10 (30%) are urging staff to try out new technologies in order to improve productivity, in turn helping to cut costs.

Chris Mills, Slack’s Head of Customer Success, EMEA, said: “My advice to business owners… is to look at their current set-up and evaluate if they have the right infrastructure in place to not only work in a more productive way, but to keep teams aligned.”

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