Workers are being overloaded with too many apps and chat services

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A new study has claimed four in five communications are still occurring via email in a world of communication overload.

The study of more than 900 digital communication and collaboration-based workers across the US, UK, Germany, and France by TechSmith found workers continue to waste valuable hours navigating an excessive number of apps.

According to the report, the problem is only getting worse with the rise of hybrid working, with half of workers now reporting that regular messages are hindering their productivity.

Business communications need to be simplified

It’s not just frequent messages and emails that are distracting workers, says TechSmith. Many workers find themselves on endless video conferencing meetings in a typical working week, but the majority of respondents found that only three in five meetings were genuinely valuable or productive. 

Around three-quarters (74%) said they must repeat themselves or clarify themselves some of the time, with almost one-quarter saying this happens often, likely as information becomes buried in a sea of communications.

TechSmith CEO Wendy Hamilton said: “We are in a prolonged transitional period where traditional work philosophies and rituals are clashing with the many digital tools designed to usher in a new era of work, often creating a frustrating communication environment.”

Although 98% agreed that video communications can help improve communication effectiveness in the workplace, the research finds that video conferencing needn’t be the only method. Many workers said that watching a pre-recorded video would be just as effective, without them having to interact as they would in a meeting.

Hamilton added: “To move past this, business leaders must closely examine the pain points of how their employees connect in hybrid and remote work environments so we can improve the clarity and quality of communication in our organizations.”

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