Many businesses are afraid they can't keep control of their data

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With an increasing number of cloud solutions and growing hybrid setups, nearly two-thirds (63%) of IT decision-makers are now concerned that siloed data could present regulatory issues when it comes to data compliance.

Cloudera’s survey of 850 ITDMs across EMEA reveals the additional complexity that’s added when introducing multiple point solutions that are meant to help manage data.

According to the research, as many as four in five (79%) ITDMs say that compliance is their number one concern when it comes to managing data.

Cloud, hybrid, and more, all making data management harder

The study points toward the growing amount of data that companies are handling, which, for many, has increased significantly since the rise of generative AI.

Cloudera’s EMEA Field CTO, Chris Royles, said: “Emerging innovations like AI will add further complexity, and with new regulations on the horizon, remaining compliant will only become more difficult.”

The company also coins a new term: data integration tax. It says that point solutions aren’t all they’re made up to be (that is, a quick way to solve specific data processes). Rather, they introduce additional costs relating to onboarding, integration, and staff training.

In fact, four in five (78%) are confident that introducing point solutions for data analytics and management has added to the cost.

Royles added: “Each solution requires its own specialist skillset, which takes time and money to learn.”

Looking ahead, Cloudera's solution to businesses is clear: organizations should take the time to modernize their data architectures and end their reliance on point solutions. The benefits will be two-fold, because not only will these measures help to reduce costs in the short- and medium-term, but they promise to reduce costs longer term as the amount of data increases. 

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