Businesses are embracing hybrid cloud in a big way - here's what that could mean for your data

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A recent Citrix study has revealed that one-quarter of organizations are in the process of moving half or more of their cloud-based workloads back to on-prem infrastructures, or have already done so.

The trend marks a significant shift in the industry which is known as cloud repatriation, and represents a growing interest in hybrid setups.

The majority (93%) of the 350 British IT leaders questioned said that they had already been part of a cloud repatriation project in the past three years, highlighting the extent of the move.

Hybrids of cloud and on-prem are gaining in popularity

Citrix revealed that unexpected security issues and high project expectations were among the key factors driving companies from cloud-based workloads back to on-prem infrastructures. Many others noted that their cloud solutions failed to meet internal expectations.

Cost was another factor that many of the leaders raised – two in five (43%) said that the cost to move project from on-prem to the cloud had been more expensive than expected, while only half (54%) said that the process was financial predictable. 

The desire to move off-prem remains, though, with two-thirds (67%) remaining optimistic about starting new projects in the future. A mostly-cloud and partly-on-prem hybrid was reported to be a goal for many, as opposed to an entirely cloud-based approach.

Calvin Hsu, Vice President of Product Management at Citrix, said: “Hybrid cloud infrastructures offer the best of both worlds across both public and private models. Organisations can optimise costs, seamlessly integrate systems, and experiment with innovation projects without compromising on agility or flexibility.”

Speaking about an evolving threat landscape and growing cases of cyberattacks, Hsu added: “With evolving demands and unexpected changes to priorities, enterprises need a model that allows them to scale resources up or down as required while maintaining security, compliance, and business performance.”

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