Business ChatGPT users can now pull in files from Google Drive, OneDrive and more

Cloud storage integration in ChatGPT with GPT-4o
(Image credit: OpenAI)

OpenAI has announced its latest update to ChatGPT will include new integrations with top cloud storage drives to allow enterprise users to pull in files from Google Drive and OneDrive for additional context.

The improvements are planned to roll out over the course of the coming weeks, and will rely on the company’s latest GPT-4o model.

There’s a catch, though, because free users will not benefit from the latest upgrades. Instead, Plus, Team and Enterprise users will be first in line, meaning you’ll need to fork out at least $20 per month if you want to be party to the enhancements.

ChatGPT integrations with OneDrive and Google Drive

As part of the upgrade, users will soon be able to access files from the cloud storage platforms via a new integration that should eliminate the need to download files and upload them manually to the chatbot

OpenAI says that “this allows ChatGPT to understand your [documents] more quickly.”

Although free account holders will miss out on the tighter integration, all accounts will still be able to upload files directly into the window as is already the case.

Besides this handy addition, ChatGPT has also gained new interactive abilities with tables and charts. Clicking on a specific data entry, for example, will guide ChatGPT into providing more contextually aware responses.

Using these two functionalities together, paying users will be able to generate, customize and interact with bar, line, pie, and scatter plot charts, before downloading them to use in presentations and documents.

Moreover, the company’s new GPT-4o model, which accepts and generates any combination of text, audio, image, and video, is now rolling out across all tiers, including free accounts. However paying accounts will get access to more features.

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