Discover what the future folds with the magic of HONOR

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We're living in times of unprecedented technological advancements, with firms such as HONOR taking the stuff of sci-fi and making it real. And there's no better example of that than the astonishing PORSCHE DESIGN HONOR Magic V2 RSR, a folding phone that looks and feels like it's been beamed from the future. 

What makes this particular phone so special isn't just its stunning style and ultra-thin footprint. It's the equally incredible performance and stamina it delivers thanks to HONOR's cutting-edge technology and innovative design. This is a folding phone like no other, a device that pushes the limits of what was once deemed impossible. The future is here, it's beautiful, and it folds.

Design without compromise

With the new PORSCHE DESIGN HONOR Magic V2 RSR, HONOR has raised the bar for folding phones. Where other foldable devices cut corners, sacrificing power for portability and stamina for style, HONOR makes no such compromises. 

HONOR's collaboration with Porsche Design isn't just cosmetic. The PORSCHE DESIGN HONOR Magic V2 RSR is built with the same uncompromising ambition as the world's most desirable supercars. It has the industry's first anti-scratch Nanocrystal Shield, delivering a tenfold improvement in scratch resistance and a hardness rating of over seven on the Mohs scale, and yet it weighs just 234g.


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An exceptional display for an incredible visual experience

The PORSCHE DESIGN HONOR Magic V2 RSR boasts a stunning folding OLED LTPO display, offering support for over 1 billion colours. With integrated eye protection and remarkable colour accuracy, this display goes beyond aesthetics to deliver an exceptional visual experience. It exemplifies the device's commitment to human-centric design, ensuring that it is not a source of tiredness but rather a delightful treat for the eyes. And thanks to its cutting edge silicon-carbon battery technology, which combines two ultra-thin cells to deliver a total of 5,000mAh, it has the stamina to power through even the most demanding days and nights.

Three times the camera for unrivalled photography

The PORSCHE DESIGN HONOR Magic V2 RSR has an incredibly powerful triple-camera system powered by the HONOR Image Engine. That system includes a 50MP main camera with optical image stabilisation for superb shots in any environment; a 20MP telephoto lens, also with OIS; and a 50MP ultrawide camera. Together they deliver exceptional results for both photography and video up to 4K resolution, delivering incredible clarity and meticulous detail. And thanks to the intelligent HONOR AI Motion Sensing Capture system, which automatically detects and captures the most precious moments, you'll never miss the perfect picture.


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The global debut of 120fps gameplay in a folding phone

With the PORSCHE DESIGN HONOR Magic V2 RSR, HONOR has raised the bar for folding phone performance: it's the first company in the world to bring 120FPS gaming within Asphalt 9: Legends to a foldable smartphone. By leveraging Gameloft's extensive knowledge and experience of game development and combining it with HONOR's expertise in high performance folding phones, the PORSCHE DESIGN HONOR Magic V2 RSR's Asphalt 9 game delivers an incredible gaming experience with its perfect blend of cutting-edge hardware, seamless software integration and lightweight portability.

Through groundbreaking advancements in technology, HONOR and Gameloft have revolutionised Asphalt 9: Legends, providing gamers with an unparalleled gaming experience. By reconstructing the mobile game rendering process and leveraging shader replacement technology, physical textures have been reimagined using GPU-based edge reconstruction technology. Additionally, by seamlessly integrating the graphics rendering capabilities of foldable devices with AI, they have optimised the game for large-screen foldable, with compatibility and large-screen adaptation on the PORSCHE DESIGN HONOR Magic V2 RSR, users can indulge in enhanced large-screen adaptation effects, enabling high-resolution viewing and unparalleled clarity of details, thereby guaranteeing a visually immersive experience like no other.

This is the ultimate foldable gaming experience and also a remarkable example of HONOR's recent integration of mobile platform gaming experiences into foldable devices, leading the charge in the realm of foldable gaming experiences and foldable ecosystem.

HONOR Porsche Design Asphalt Legends

(Image credit: HONOR)

Unfold the future

With its cutting-edge technology, innovative design and premium materials the PORSCHE DESIGN HONOR Magic V2 RSR raises the bar for foldable technology. Its sleek and ultra-thin design defies conventional boundaries, showcasing HONOR's commitment to making the impossible not just possible, but practical and beautiful too.

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