AI is going to change your phone – and your face. Here's how

OPPO Air Glass 3
(Image credit: OPPO)

We're on the brink of something amazing. 2024 is the year of the AI smartphone, with technology that until very recently was the stuff of science fiction delivering incredible things on phones you can actually buy. And the apps on your phone are heading for new places – and quite a few faces too. That's because the AI revolution isn't just going to change our phones. It's going to be the power behind some amazing augmented and mixed reality experiences too. 

Why AI is changing your phone

Something really big happened last year. AI went from science fiction to smartphone fact. Where smartphones previously competed on hardware features, the most exciting smartphone technology today is AI – and OPPO is driving the transition from smartphones to AI smartphones that’ll change everything via its AI Center, which is where it’s creating the next generation of AI apps and experiences.

Smartphones are rapidly becoming the primary platform for AI, because of course smartphones are where we do so much of everything. AI already enables us to make our photos better and our videos smoother, and the large language models that underpin today's AI apps know more things, can understand us better, and can communicate with us more effectively. They can answer even the most complicated questions, dive deep into our apps' data, and they can help us create almost anything: if we can imagine it, we can describe it and our AI can generate it or help us improve it. 

OPPO is at the forefront of smartphone AI, and its AI Center is driving the transition from smartphones to AI smartphones. The incredible speed of its AI innovations means that a phone like the OPPO Find X7 Ultra comes with an AI, AndesGPT, that can summarise 200 words of text in 0.2 seconds, create images from 120 different parameters in just six seconds and respond instantly to any query. And its AI Eraser feature can magically remove unwanted backgrounds, objects and even people from photos to get the perfect picture every time.

When we're all carrying a genius like AndesGPT around with us it's going to make everything more amazing – and soon it'll be running on some amazing hardware too.

How to win the face race

We've seen some extraordinary virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality technology in the last few months with devices from multiple manufacturers. But we're just scratching the surface of what's possible, and it won't be long before the bulky and expensive headsets of today are succeeded by something much slimmer, much smarter and much better looking too. 

Before we talk about the tech, let's talk about comfort. Some mixed reality headsets can weigh up to around 600g. That's a lot of weight to hang on your head. But assisted reality glasses such as the OPPO Air Glass 3 weigh a fraction of that: just 50g. That’s because they’re designed in a very different way, enabling OPPO to deliver an exceptional assisted reality experience in a pair of glasses that weighs less than a pair of designer sunglasses, let alone a typical AR/VR/XR headset. 

OPPO Air Glass 3

(Image credit: OPPO)

The prototype of the OPPO Air Glass 3 is the world’s lightest pair of binocular full-colour assisted reality (aR) glasses despite being packed with cutting-edge tech. And that's important, because no matter how clever the tech – and the tech in OPPO Air Glass 3 is very clever – wearable tech needs to be comfortable too. And unlike other headsets, OPPO Air Glass 3 doesn't look like you've got a computer strapped to your head: it looks just like normal glasses.

Those glasses are made of some very innovative design. To make them possible, OPPO created a special resin waveguide boasting the highest possible refractive index and a diffraction optical waveguide to deliver incredible clarity without the "rainbow effect" that can spoil some augmented reality experiences. And it's been designed to work with AndesGPT on phone for the ultimate smart on-the-go experience: you do the talking and AndesGPT will deliver exactly what you need to your OPPO Air Glass 3. Beyond its advanced features, the OPPO Air Glass 3 effortlessly handles daily tasks such as phone call and music playback, making it an indispensable companion for the on-the-go lifestyle.

Bringing the future into focus

One of the things that's so much fun about technology is that we can never predict all the amazing things it'll help us to do: so many of the things we take for granted now, from taking selfies to smart speakers, weren't even possible just a few years ago. With generative AI everybody has the opportunity to become a content creator or developer, creating the next wave of enriched applications. And the evolution of AI will fundamentally change the way we interact with our electronic devices, which will be transformed from ordinary phones to incredible AI smartphones.

We think smartphones are here to stay as our main everyday devices, but increasingly we’ll be interacting with them in new ways. By leveraging AI capabilities through smartphones, aR glasses will have the ability to identify people, objects, and locations, providing us with AI-powered insights, recommendations, and feedback to enhance our everyday experiences. It’s going to change our work lives and our personal lives too, because computing won’t be something that happens in an app. It’ll be in your eyes and in your ears, and in response to what you see and say.

Right now OPPO is at the forefront of this technological revolution, and its goal is to democratise AI for everybody, everywhere. And its AI Center is at the heart of that mission. It’s where OPPO works to enhance what AI can do, and later this year OPPO will introduce a range of generative AI enhancements including the innovative OPPO AI Eraser, which will be included in the Reno 11 Series. And that’s just the start. The OPPO AI Center’s relentless innovation will bring even more exciting AI functionalities to future generations of OPPO smartphones, enriching user experiences and making incredible things happen.

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