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Navigon 4350 Max review

Does Navigon's new 4350 Max sat-nav pack enough features to make upgrading necessary?

Navigon 4350 Max
This device's clever features will take the sting out of reaching unfamiliar destinations

Our Verdict

A great sat-nav device for those looking to get a new device but we feel it may be a bit expensive for some considering the upgrade path


  • Text to speech navigation
  • Clear display
  • TMC system works well...


  • But the TMC is a bit slow to gather info

The Navigon 4350 Max is a smart little device. It packs all the latest must-haves, including text-to-speech sat nav and a clear 3D display. The system also boasts text-to-speech traffic congestion instructions.

The system uses the Traffic Message Channel data broadcast system to pick up data about jams, and though gathering the TMC data was slow, the system worked well. When you're at or nearing your destination, Clever Parking comes into play.

A blue 'P' icon appears on the screen. Tap it, and you'll be navigated to the nearest car park. It's a simple idea that makes perfect sense. Other features like Reality View Pro, which show a CGI version of the road ahead, are also praiseworthy.

We found Lane Assistant Pro, which guides you verbally through tortuous motorway junctions, very helpful too.

With a £200 price tag, however, this is a luxury buy. You'll need to be in the mood to treat yourself, but if you are, this is the machine.

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