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World's first waterproof PMP is here

Take this PMP to the beach and you can go swimming and catch up on the latest flicks at the same time...

Exactly why you'd want to watch videos on your portable media player whilst underwater is unclear, but at least now you can. The world's first waterproof media player is here.

Chinese retailer Chinavasion is marketing the unnamed media player, able to play video while being submerged to a depth of three metres. The device can play converted MPEG, WMV and ASF files on its 1.8-inch, 128 x 128 pixel colour screen.

It holds 1GB of storage, and the battery is said to handle three hours of video playback, or six hours of MP3 and WMA audio. Sound recordings can be made in WAV.

An included arm band, neck strap, and watertight earphones will make the player easier to use when in the water. Pricing and availability information is currently available.