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Toshiba TG01 ships with very own virus

Toshiba TG01 - comes with virus
Toshiba TG01 - comes with virus

The launch of the new Toshiba TG01 in Germany has been halted somewhat with the news select models have a virus pre-installed.

According to the German site Inside-Handy, the new phone comes with the virus inside the file tree, although it seems its effects aren't deadly for the handset.

A spokesperson for O2 Germany has said that the network is aware of the problem, but it is only afflicting a few phones sold recently.

Sales halted

Sales have apparently been stopped of the new WinMo 6.1 phone in the region as the problem is being investigated, although it appears they will resume next week.

The threat of viruses on mobile phones continues to grow as ever more powerful handsets appear (the TG01 was the industry's first with a 1GHz processor) but as yet there hasn't been an outbreak that's crippled a large portion of devices.

Given the TG01 has received less than rave reviews on its launch, it's unfortunate to see another problem for Toshiba to deal with. However, if we found out how this problem occurred, we'll let you know.

Via Unwired View and Inside-Handy