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Firefox 4 Beta 5 now available for Android

Firefox for mobiles gets an update
Firefox for mobiles gets an update

Mozilla has announced the arrival of Firefox 4 Beta 5 to Android. As it is still in Beta, the update isn't extensive but it does add some crucial changes, including stability to the browser.

Other improvements include: increased responsiveness to panning and zooming, increased JavaScript performance and faster start up and page load times.

Having previously added support for Maemo in the past, Android is now a key platform for Mozilla as Nokia has pretty much canned that side of its OS.

Firefox mobile

Mozilla has been fairly steady in its beta releases for its Android version of Firefox. The first version of the app arrived only in October, so it seems to be at least one update a month at the moment.

The browser offers a lot of the functionality you can find in Mozilla's full-fat version, including an Awesome screen which "instantly gives you access to your recent history, bookmarks and tabs just by tapping in the Awesome Bar."

There's no news as to when the browser will come to Android without a beta tag, but we will keep you posted.

Via Android Central