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Virgin Megastore France selling DRM-free MP3s

DRM can restrict which players digital music can be played on

Virgin Megastore in France is selling MP3s with out DRM (digital rights management). The pioneering move allows people to play the music files on any digital music player they wish, and not be restricted to one particular model.

DRM is a set of restrictions encoded onto an MP3 file. It can be used to control the file's wider use, with many companies claiming it helps protect copyright.

Virgin Mega, as it is known, is not part of the Worldwide Virgin group. Its online side started selling the DRM-free MP3s in October 2006, and now has over 200,000 DRM-free tracks available.

The move comes after the French Government attempted to impose new measures to quash the use of DRM on MP3s. In particular, it wanted to force Apple to change its DRM policies on its iTunes store in France.