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Wikipedia inaccessible for millions Monday

Wikipedia error page
Millions saw an error page when they pulled up Wikipedia Monday

If you attempted to look up something on Wikipedia Monday and got an error message, you were among the millions of users who couldn't access the site for a short spat.

Wikipedia went dark for visitors as a "technical glitch" caused pages to partially load or not load at all for about an hour and a half.

An error message on the site's homepage informed visitors the site's servers were experiencing a "technical problem," thus leading to the outage.

The issue, described as temporary in the homepage message, started around 6:30 a.m. PST. Much of the online encyclopedia's content styles and layout went missing and many reported being unable to access the Wikipedia homepage.

Third party attack denied

Orange warning and red critical messages giving heed of service disruption appeared on the site's status page, though those returned to orange or green check-marks within half an hour.

The servers in question are reportedly in Tampa, Florida. Wikipedia reps said networking issues were to blame for the loading issues.

Wikipedia appeared to return to normal by 8:30 a.m. PST.

A Wikipedia spokesperson said the glitch was not do to a third party, saying a "denial of service" attack did not occur.

Wikipedia's mobile site was unaffected by the outage.