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Digital download carbon calculator appears

Nexway's calculator
Nexway's calculator

A day ahead of World Environment day, digital software distributor Nexway has unveiled its online eco-calculator so that you can see the carbon footprint of your digital downloads.

The eco-calculator – which will obviously make you realise that digital download is more environmentally friendly than buying boxed games, CDs and Blu-ray discs, is online at

"Changes in the consumption of online digital goods are inevitable" says Gilles Ridel, CEO of Nexway. "We work with software and video games publishers, who sell on their websites or on e–merchant's websites.

One million products

"For example, we have distributed over one million products last year. Simply put, this represented a million less journeys. The maths is quickly done to reflect the amount of CO2 preserved: downloading is a positive gesture for the planet."

TechRadar's conscience has been salved by the realisation that the five albums we downloaded the other day was only the carbon equivalent of about a metre of plane travel.

One, rather hefty, oversight is that the download of a film is not listed in the calculator. Anyone would think that Nexway doesn't do film downloads...