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Philippe Starck Parrot iPod Speakers

Parrot's Zikmu iPod speakers are designed by Phillippe Starck
Parrot's Zikmu iPod speakers are designed by Phillippe Starck

If you have a load of money and like to laugh in the face of the credit crunch, then you might like to invest in these new Philippe Starck designed iPod speakers from manufacturer Parrot.

No doubt Jonathan Ive and his team of Apple designers will be rocking to these funkily-designed speakers in the office (we don't imagine Ive has been particularly affected by the credit crunch, after all…).

Parrot is more widely known for designing wireless headsets, but these latest 'Zikmu' iPod speakers look like a beautiful plastic obelisk to top of your minimalist-designed Shoreditch bachelor pad.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, expense

The Zikmus are 2.5-feet tall, pack in the usual iPod charger remote control and feature Bluetooth wireless connectivity so you can pop them wherever you like. They are also Wi-Fi enabled to let you stream your MP3s from your laptop or mobile.

Available next spring, priced $1,500.

Of course, if you are a member of that 99 per cent group of the population that DOESN'T live in Shoreditch and DOESN'T have cash to burn, then you can just file this news update under 'ignore and forget'.