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Will PS3 3D upgrade be backwards compatible?

It's hard to see how existing PS3 games can be made 3D-capable

We already know that Sony is planning to introduce 3D games to the PlayStation 3 next year, but what's the truth about backwards compatibility?

While the company has said that a future PS3 update will enable all older games to work in the extra dimension, it seems that's not entirely the official line.

Nothing's decided

According to Joystiq, Sony is "conducting a technological investigation" on how this might be achieved, but it has no concrete plans just yet.

In other words, it doesn't actually know yet whether the 3D revolution will come to just new PS3 games like Avatar or if the old classics like MotorStorm will benefit too.

Smart money on new games

Given the facts that PS3 software is notoriously complex and that introducing 3D isn't as simple as just slapping a pair of glasses on every viewer, we're sorry to say that it's not looking good for the oldies.