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Chronicle launches paid version of VirusTotal for the enterprise

Earlier this year, Alphabet unveiled Chronicle as the latest project to graduate from its X moonshot factory and now the company is releasing an enterprise version of its VirusTotal malware scanning tool with advanced capabilities.

The software serves as a search engine for malware and other malicious software with a free version that allows users to upload suspicious files and URLs for analysis by 70 antivirus scanners and URL/domain blacklisting services.

While the free version of VirusTotal is available as a web interface, browser extension, desktop uploader and API, the new enterprise version of the software takes things a step further by providing business that want to defend and identify security threats with additional tools and compute power to analyse threats more quickly.

New business features

VirusTotal Enterprise makes things simpler for analysts with new visualisations that help them see the connections between malware and company computers, people, departments and even emails. 

The Private Graph allows business customers to upload company-specific devices and organisation charts to aid in the software's analysis. However, unlike the free version which relies on data sharing and pooling to better analyse threats, VirusTotal Enterprise keeps the information private in order to protect sensitive company data.

The new software also brings significant speed increases as it boosts speed search by 100 per cent while also improving accuracy by using additional parameters. VirusTotal Enterprise also shows more details about uploaded files such as IP addresses, embedded domains and interest-ranked strings. Other notable features include enterprise user management as well as support for two-factor authentication for employees using VirusTotal accounts.

A new interface that unifies capabilities will also be rolling out to both free and paid users of VirusTotal in the coming weeks.

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