Steve Paris

Steve Paris

Steve has been writing about technology since 2003 (where on earth did the time go?). Starting with Digital Creative Arts, he's since added his tech expertise at titles such as iCreate, MacFormat, MacWorld, MacLife and so many more, including, of course, TechRadar.

His focus is on the creative arts, like website builders, image manipulation, and filmmaking software, but he hasn’t shied away from more business-oriented software either. He actually uses many of the apps he writes about everyday in his personal and professional life, and enjoys imparting his knowledge, including tips and tricks.

Steve's first love is the Mac, but he has dipped his toe in the Windows pool. And, of course, there’s the plethora of tablet and phone software he’s reviewed and written tutorials about as well.

Put simply, Steve loves how computers have enabled so many - including himself - to delve into creative possibilities, and is always delighted to share his knowledge, expertise, and experience with his readers.

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