You can play the cozy railroad sim Station to Station's demo right now

A train moving through a grassy field
(Image credit: Prismatika)

The one minute trailer for Station to Station showed off the vibrant and diverse world of this cozy puzzle-solving game, and I, for one, cannot wait to jump in and get building. 

Station to Station is a minimalist voxel-art railroad-building simulator that sees players travel through a procedurally generated world on a quaint little steam train. The newest trailer seen at the Future Games Show Summer Showcase gave us yet another look at the wild-west-inspired maps full of untamed mountain terrain and dry desert lands. 

You can breathe life into this land by connecting stations and building rural structures. The more you explore the more the world around you will grow and fill with life and flowers - but there's no rush, as you can explore entirely at your own pace.

If you do want something more testing and timebound, there will be plenty of optional challenges and obstacles to overcome in each level, as well as environmental effects you'll need to consider. Still, at its core, Station to Station looks thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable; just the kind of low-stakes gaming we sometimes need after more intense games revealed at the showcase like Layers of Fear.

Station to Station is set to release later this year on PC but luckily for enthusiasts, there's a playable demo available right now on Steam

Although this may be a simple game, chugging along train tracks at your own pace seems like a welcome change when compared to the adrenaline-fuelled best racing games

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