You can now run Google Ads through GoDaddy

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Web hosting giant GoDaddy and Google have combined resources to offer a new Google Ads solution through GoDaddy’s marketing dashboard.

With the aim of giving customers the ability to manage all their marketing activities from one location, the move will allow GoDaddy customers to pay per click, which means they won’t be charged unless a consumer clicks on the ad.

GoDaddy says the new integration will also simplify customizing and creating any number of paid Google campaigns - for any size budget - using keywords and themes.

Within the platform, entrepreneurs will be able to include three ad titles and two ad descriptions to launch a campaign, which can be picked from a predetermined selection based on Google’s algorithm or input by the business owner. 

Google will then automatically merge different ad descriptions with ad titles across Google properties such as Maps, YouTube and Search. It will also optimize the different ad descriptions to a combination that suits its users campaign goals.

Available now, Google is offering new Google Ads users $500 (£467.78) in ad credits when they spend $500 (£467.78) in the first 60 days of activating their accounts.

A GoDaddy spokesperson told TechRadar Pro that there's minimum spend of $5 a day and maximum spend of $100 a day, but could change in the future.

Sudha Reddy, director of product at GoDaddy, said in a blog post: “By combining the ease of GoDaddy’s suite of marketing tools with the massive reach of Google, entrepreneurs and small to midsize business owners are set up for success in a crowded marketplace where every click counts.”

The new solution also has the ability to reach specific locations (for in-person sales and events) or reach beyond a given region (for online sales or brand awareness).

On the GoDaddy marketing dashboard, users will be able to monitor engagement and results once a campaign is launched.

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