Samsung denies rumors subsidary will stop selling displays to Apple

Samsung Screens
Samsung Display still a supplier

Samsung Display debunked rumors that its LCD panels would no longer make it to Apple.

A report from The Korea Times Monday claimed that Samsung Display would cut ties with the Cupertino company by the end of the year.

The story cited an unnamed Samsung source who said the display business was seeing diminishing returns when selling LCD panels to Apple.

But it turns out those claims were utterly wrong.

"Samsung Display has never tried to cut the supply for LCD panels to Apple," a Samsung spokesman told CNET.

Samsung has asked The Korea Times to print corrections.

Apple vs. Samsung

Apple and Samsung are in the midst of a rough patch, to say the least.

The two are battling in courtrooms across the globe. Each have sent waves of patent infringement suits to one another in 10 countries including the U.S., Korea and Germany.

But Samsung Display is a separate company that was spun off in early 2012, and has little to do with the bad blood between Apple and its parent company.

The display business is reportedly Apple's biggest LCD supplier in the first half of 2012. It shipped the iPhone maker more than 15 million displays.

Though Apple is getting a large amount of displays from Samsung, it doesn't mean the two plan to make amends any time soon.

We used to be friends

Apple once bought an array of components and chips from Samsung for its iPhones and iPads, but has been reducing its reliance on the Korean-based manufacturer.

Apple has purchased its displays from Sharp and LG lately, and reports are circulating that it's looking to source chips outside of Samsung as well.

An industry source told CNET the relationship between the two has broken down and they will part ways after existing agreements are fulfilled.

"The Apple-Samsung relationship has deteriorated to such a poor point that they're just looking to fill contractual obligations, then make a change," the source said.

For now, Apple will continue to get some LCD panels from Samsung Display, but that might change as Apple continues it's legal battle with Samsung. The two are due back in U.S. courts Dec. 6.